Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Party Outfit, Bloggers Challenge.

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Last week I was contacted by and asked if I would like to participate in their Christmas Blogger Challenge. The challenge was to choose a brand from Fashion Vouchers and find an outfit suitable for a Christmas party.

I picked Fashion Union , this is a brand I've heard of but not one I've bought from in the past. The stuff I found was amazing, and it was very hard to whittle it down to this outfit. I can't believe how many bargains there are, I am absolutely in love with this skirt. The bralet was also in the sale down to just £12!

I thought this outfit would be fab for a formal or informal Christmas party. And perfect for a Christmas night, the blazer is so cool but would keep you nice and warm when there is a huge queue to get into a club! I would love, love, love to wear this outfit for my Christmas do, but I really need some pennies!

So the total came to a mere £96, which I think is fab for an ENTIRE new outfit, plus the blazer is so versatile it could be worn all year round.

What will you be wearing for your Christmas party? You can take part in this competition here.

Katie xx


  1. wow love the skirt, so gorgeous!

    hope you'll visit back!

  2. I need that skirt! It's gorgeous xx

  3. wow , i love this outfit you have put follower making my way through your making happy friday night reading :)


    would love you to take a look at my blog only a newbie but loving every second of doing it



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