Monday, 19 November 2012

100 Day Challenge: weekly wishlist 11.


Another week has gone, and I'll be honest the spending ban is getting very boring now. I cheated this week and bought a new pair of jeans, in my defence I sold some stuff on Ebay and was desperate for some jeans that actually fit. I didn't go wild though, I got them from Dorothy Perkins cos they do a good short leg, plus they had 25% off and came in at £18.75. Not too bad for a pair of jeans.

I've been trying to get in the Christmas spirit this last week, so I thought I would make today's wishlist Christmassy. All of these gorgeous things can be found on Etsy and the majority are handmade, which makes them even more special.

I genuinely want need that jumper, especially after watching Home Alone last night. Me and the hubby went to Bent's garden centre at the weekend and looked at their amazing Christmas displays, I will post later in the week. And I got to see Santa and his reindeer yesterday in the Wigan Christmas Parade, so I'm slowly getting in the mood.

I have a LOT of family/Christmas related stuff happening in the next few weeks so by the time it gets to going to Berlin, I will be well and truely ready for a holiday. Fingers crossed I will stop being scrooge soon.

Katie xx


  1. lovely wishlist, love everything!

  2. Love the wishlist!! :) Will put mine together soon!

    New follower heree!

    The Misty Mom

  3. That jacket is amazing!
    Can't believe your not buying anything! Don't think I could do that haha x

  4. This really got me into the Christmas Spirit I loved it! so festive :)

  5. Ah I love that jumper, I think I really need a good old christmas jumper, got to love them!

    Please check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




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