Tuesday, 13 November 2012

100 Day Challenge: Weekly Wishlist 10.

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A slightly belated wishlist this week. I've had a lot of work to do for uni but finally handed in my assignment last night, so I'm happy. Unfortunatly that means I am nearly a week away from an Anantomy & Physiology exam, oh dear. So I will be spending the next next week with my head in books and breaking for blogging of course.
This weeks wishlist is pretty basic. I love Jo Malone products, although I've never owned one, I do always take a special trip to Selfridges when I'm in Manchester just for a good perfume spritz! I love how natural all the products smell, and I believe you would more than get your monies worth!
I fell in love with the Nectarine, Blossom and Honey Cologne a while back now, so this is the one I always get a good spray of when I visit the counter (cheeky!). It's such a sweet fresh smelling perfume, I love the natural smell. It is a bit nostalgic for me too, I practically lived off necterines at my Granny's house as a child, so that's probably why I love the smell so much.
I spotted a candle of the same scent on the website too, this needs to make it's way into my life. Although if there was a wax tart that was nectarine scented, I would gladly give that one a whirl..
This week has kinda dragged, and today is my last day in uni till next Monday, so no doubt this week will drag too. I'm getting on the countdown to Berlin now, so it's no wonder! Oh and the speading ban hasn't been too bad this week. I've had to get some new foundation but I did run out, still no clothes though. I'm getting pretty desperate now though, I NEED jumpers!
Katie xx

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  1. I LOVE the smell of Jo Malone. Just reminds me of my lovely mum. ;) Anyway, I love your blog! I'm your newest follower

    -Maisy x



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