Friday, 30 November 2012

FREE Clothes Show Tickets & Video.

I've done a video review of some of the samples I received from Harvey Nichols on Tuesday. I've said in the video if any one wants me to post them the two Benefit and one Bobbi Brown sample, just let me know and I will send them out to you. 

Oh and one more thing - I have a two Clothes Show Ticket for 7th December, if anyone wants them please let me know on Twitter @Katieatki it's FREE but please make sure you can def go on next Friday else it's going to waste! Plus I need some company, so would love to meet you on the day! (It is first com , first served so be quick!)

Katie xx


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Directions Hair Dye Review.

I've been due for a root tough up for some time, but been far to lazy to do it. My hair colour fades quite quickly so I have to dye it about every 4-5 weeks. Plus it grows quite fast and makes my roots look grey - even though my natural colour is mousey-brown, I will never understand. Hair dye has caused a lot of damage to my hair the last year or so. Particularly from when it was bleached this time last year, I've only just (as in last week) managed to get the ends of my hair in an acceptable condition and there are no awful 'burnt' ends anymore. 

Instead of using my usual permanent colour, I wanted to give a semi-permanent a go to see the difference in the condition of my hair afterwards. I'd been doing a little research and came across Directions from La Riche - a company that specialises in semi-permanent hair dyes. They do a range of vibrant colours, so of course I picked up an orangey colour called Apricot to bring back some ginger to my locks.

I picked up my pot from a random shop in Preston for a measly £3.80. The instructions were pretty straight forward, you wash your hair as normal (minus any hair treatments other than shampoo) then towel dry. You then put this dye all over much like you would for a hair mask and leave it to do it's thing. I left it on for half an hour then rinsed it out. So basically it's just a coloured conditioner. I'm really impressed with the results and I would certainly use this product again. It supposedly last for around 4 weeks - which is the length of time I usually leave my hair before dying anyway.

The thing that has impressed me most about this colour, is the condition it has left my hair in. My hair is unbelievably soft, probably softer than it would be after using a hair mask and super shiny. In fact I've been able to leave my hair and not wash it for 3 days, which is impressive for me. 

Lastly, it doesn't smell of anything which it amazing as I hate that 'after colour' smell and feel my hair usually has. Literally no smell at all, non of that chemically home-dye kit awfulness. 

Directions come in so many different colours, plus they are all semi-permanent so you could change your hair colour every week! These are such a fab idea for fancy dress too. Oh by the way, they are a cruelty free brand too.

Have you tried directions? You can check out all the colours and buy your dye here

Katie xx


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Manchester Bloggers Meet.

Finally after a few months of planning the Manchester Bloggers Meet arrived! I was so excited about this event, and had been promised good things from Harvey Nichols and I wasn't let down. Everyone had a lovely evening and hopefully enjoyed themselves!

Bubbles//Joanna and Demi-Leigh//Bobbi Brown Demo//Lots of Bloggers//Lovely Emma getting her make up done//Mirror pose//More Bloggers//Lots of goodies

I was so pleased with the turn out and really happy people seemed to be getting involved and interested in the demos. You can't really tell on the last photo but we got some really cute Creme De La Mere samples that i can't wait to try - especially after seeing their price list! Harvey Nic's were so fab with the organisation and really on hand when ever people had questions. I'm so glad this went smoothly, hopefully we can organise another event asap! 

I met some fab blogger last night and I can't wait to see them and meet more tomorrow at the Daisy Street Event. A very blogful week!

Katie xx


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The hardest post I've ever written.

I've just sat and watched Dying for Clear Skin on BBC 3. I think it is genuinely one of the saddest things I have ever watched. You can catch it on BBC Iplayer until next week, I hope it wakes up the world to realise how much acne can effect people.

 I've suffered with acne since about the age of 12. It first came about, about the time I started secondary school, so I didn't think much of it as most kids my age were getting the odd pimple. I was taken to the doctors and prescribed several different types of topical creams, which didn't do anything but dry out my skin. 

From the start of year 7, up until the beginning of year 10 I became a recluse. Only really going over to my friends houses - not going out with my friends. The majority of the time I would go to school, come home and spend the rest of the night in my room. It wasn't the best time in my life, as bullying became an issue - usually just sly remarks probably not even about my skin but I took everything to heart.  I was never diagnosed with depression so I wouldn't have considered myself to be depressed but I was in a very lonely place. And became an expert at putting a front on - always smiling around people. Throughout these years I had been on many different medications for acne, numerous anti-biotics but still had no improvement. 

Moving up into my final two years at school, I gained a little in confidence, my dad believe this was due to GCSE Drama and to be honest he's probably right. I came out of my shell and so did my personality. I spent more time going out with my friends which gives a much needed confidence boost. By this point the acne was mainly around my chin area - very painful, sore cyst-like bumps. Some were under the skin and some with those dreaded yellow heads - that no amount of make up would cover. 

Make up did become a sort of 'mask' to hide behind. No one other than my parents would see my skin without make up, in fact last weekend was the first time in the last 10 years I've left the house without make up on for an entire day. That was purely because the nurse advised to give my skin a rest. I have no idea how I would have coped with acne had I been a boy, make up is the thing that allows me to leave the house with some confidence.

Along side the medications I was taking I had a 'sun lamp' - basically a baby sun bed but just for your face. This was the bane of my life for 5 years or so. I was encouraged to use it every day by my parents - now looking back I didn't realise how dangerous this was for my skin. The topical creams and anti-biotics I was on made my skin more susceptible to sun light making me very at risk from burning. However I used it religiously and did see a small improvement. Thinking about it now I would think twice about using it - thankfully it's shut up in my mam and dad's loft somewhere. 

My skin became a very raw subject in my house. It cause A LOT of arguments between me and my parents and caused a rift between me and mam for some time. Looking back I know they just wanted my skin to be clear, but the pressure I felt from them to take medication and use the sun lamp caused me to be extremely upset. This was probably my hardest time - the end of school and beginning of college. Most nights I would spend crying in my room for what seemed like no apparent reason but my skin made me feel like I stood out and that everyone was staring at me. Watching that programme allowed me to relate very closely to one of the boys who said he didn't like looking people in the eye. I know exactly how that feels and I even said to my hubby last week 'what if everyone looks at me' when I left the house with no make up on. I remember several times during my college years refusing to go swimming cos I couldn't bare the thought of my make up coming off in the swimming pool and people seeing the 'real' me.

My skin cleared for some time - not completely but certainly improved a lot. This was down to the contraceptive pill Dianette which unfortunately I'm not allowed any more due to the side effects of blood clotting. It's only a short term fix but for me it did the job.  

So that brings us to now. This is quite a major thing for me to write. To be honest I've never really shared exactly how my skin makes me feel - to anyone. It was never discussed in my family because it was such a (pardon the pun) sore point. The last couple of month have seen my skin take a nose dive - I've started suffering with back acne and getting spots on my chest area and around my neck/hairline. They are very itchy and uncomfortable. Last week I visited the nurse who prescribed more anti-biotics in case of infection - they didn't work. I've finally been referred to a dermatologist after 10 years of suffering.  

My point of this post was I hope people realise how much acne takes over your life. You live, sleep and breath acne and worrying about your skin. My teenage years were spent with several concealers in my bag and I still now never leave the house without my make up bag. I know there are much more important things in my life and the world. This is a huge thing for me and hopefully one day I will be able to walk out of the house, without make up, with my head held high. 

Photo taken this morning - after cleansing etc. I am in a lot of pain.

Check out Acne Treatment for advice on Acne.

Katie xx


Monday, 26 November 2012

NOTD: Free Nails Inc.

I'm sure many of you have seen the freebie Nails Inc polishes in Glamour mag this month. I quickly grabbed the last gold glitter from Boots yesterday and tried it out. Both these polishes were free. The Heather Grey (which is gorgeous by the way) was free with two diet cokes, sometime last year and it goes perfectly with this new gold glitter.

I used Barry M base/top coat - which is my ultimate top coat ever. It conditions and strengthens the nails too. Fab - but I am in need of a new one! I love Nails Inc polishes, I will be buying another few Glamour's to get the whole collection!

What colours did you get?

Katie xx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ecotools Review.

I just wanted to give a little review of my powder brush. Of course everyone knows about Ecotools, but I haven't bought from the brand in a while. Not because I didn't want too but purely cos I didn't need to. But a few weeks back I thought I had lost my old, scruffy powder brush so went and invested in this baby. Although I did find my other brush about two days later, I only use it now for blusher in an emergency - it is not half as good quality as this.

I really should have give this a rinse before taking photos but never mind. This is actually the Ecotools blusher brush but I prefer to use it to apply my pressed powder (which all smashed in my bag yesterday - not happy). I picked it up from Boots for £7.99 - you can buy it here

A few things I love about the brand (this isn't in anyway a sponsored post, I just really like Ecotools), firstly they use synthetic materials for the brush, no 'real hair' which is a big thumbs up from me. Secondly the entire brush and handle is from recycled and natural materials hence the name. And lastly this brush is so amazingly soft and lovely to use. I was going to pick up a Real Techniques brush instead of this but I'm glad I didn't cos I've seen a few people saying these are better. I'm desperate for the full 5 piece set but that might have to wait until after Christmas.

I don't know if it's the brush or my powder, but I seem to get a very smooth, even finish when I use this. It just seems to glide over your face and leave a really nice matte finish. If you're wondering I'm currently using Witch Pressed Powder which is £1.99 from Bodycare. 

If you are looking for a new brush set or just a single brush I would very much recommend these. I have used the foundation brush in the past and I remember it being really easy to clean and dry - but to be honest I prefer using my current foundation with clean fingers rather than a 'paint brush' as the hubby calls it. 

Speaking of Christmas I've just wrapped all of my presents!

Hope you've had a nice weekend.

Katie xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

DIY stocking fillers.

I can't really take credit for this idea, cos I stole it from Gemma's blog - here. I saw Gemma had made some home made chocolates for stocking fillers so I wanted to give it a go myself! They are such a fab idea, to just 'finish off' a present, plus they are hand made, and everyone will appreciate the time and thought put into them. Although it doesn't take much of either.

I picked up these chocolate silicone moulds for 99p each in B&M, although you can use any silicone mould. I was thinking next time I might use a cake case and get a larger, flatter chocolate and experiment a bit! The cake glitter is from Harvey Nichols although I'm sure you could pick it up in a cake decorating shop or hobby craft maybe. I also just grabbed some 30p bars of chocolate for the sake of this experiment, I will be using something a little nicer for gifts, although this did do the job.

As you can see, I sprinkled my hundreds and thousands, and edible glitter into the moulds and filled them with my melted chocolate. I cheated and used the microwave carefully to melt the choc, cos it takes ageeessss over a pot of boiling water.

 Here are the results - pretty cute. I love that this literally takes about half an hour at the most, I think I have a super sonic fridge.. They look so cute, although teddies would be my first choice they kinda look like butterflies now. 

I think these are the perfect extra gift, if you have a few pounds left for a budget. These literally cost pennies to make, and you get so many from one or two moulds. As Gemma suggested on her post, they would look cute wrapped in cellophane and tied with a Christmas bow. Perfect.

Katie xx

Friday, 23 November 2012

What do I wear with this?

I have two blogging events next week, and I REALLY want to wear this skirt. BUT I have absolutely no idea what to wear with it. I'm thinking a plain black vest and leather jacket?! Please help, any suggestions are welcome but no cropped tops cos it's freeeeezing. And I have no pennies.

P.S. excuse my pale legs, I will fake tan!

Katie xx

Hair Dilemma.

Untitled #29

All photos from Tumblr/Pinterest

I'm so sick of my hair right now. It's at a really awkward stage again, you know the in between not really a hairstyle stage? So I'm considering getting another inch or so off to try and make it more of a 'style'. I got a big chop last year, just before I got married and my hair just seems to have forgotten how to grow.

Another thing is, for placement my hair has to be 'off my collar' so regardless of the length it's going to be up in a pony tail anyway. So should I just get it chopped so it isn't tied back and getting damaged off my bobble every day? What do you guys think?

The left photo is my hair last year and the right was taken about a month ago.


Katie xx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

VIDEO: Skin update.

Just a quick update on my skin from last week. And a small rant about hair dressers judging my hair. 

You can pick up UNE make up from here, I would really recommend it if you have acne prone skin as it is 100% natural. Plus doesn't test on animals! The one I picked up has medium to full coverage, and really helps to reduce redness in my skin. I also find it much easier to apply with CLEAN hands, rather than the little brush you are supplied with.

Katie xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Perfect Surprise.

If you follow me on Twitter @Katieatki, you will see I'm regularly dropping 'hints' to my hubby for Christmas pressies. Usually rabbit related, I thought he had taken to just ignoring my tweets. But I was very wrong, when I came home from uni today I was greeted with a lovely surprise!

How amazing are these? I am so excited to wear them tomorrow!! The best thing is, the English rabbit on the right looks just like my little bunny did. They are perfect, and I love the Mr very much for getting me them. 

You can find these earrings here on Folksy.

Katie xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

100 Day Challenge: weekly wishlist 11.


Another week has gone, and I'll be honest the spending ban is getting very boring now. I cheated this week and bought a new pair of jeans, in my defence I sold some stuff on Ebay and was desperate for some jeans that actually fit. I didn't go wild though, I got them from Dorothy Perkins cos they do a good short leg, plus they had 25% off and came in at £18.75. Not too bad for a pair of jeans.

I've been trying to get in the Christmas spirit this last week, so I thought I would make today's wishlist Christmassy. All of these gorgeous things can be found on Etsy and the majority are handmade, which makes them even more special.

I genuinely want need that jumper, especially after watching Home Alone last night. Me and the hubby went to Bent's garden centre at the weekend and looked at their amazing Christmas displays, I will post later in the week. And I got to see Santa and his reindeer yesterday in the Wigan Christmas Parade, so I'm slowly getting in the mood.

I have a LOT of family/Christmas related stuff happening in the next few weeks so by the time it gets to going to Berlin, I will be well and truely ready for a holiday. Fingers crossed I will stop being scrooge soon.

Katie xx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Party Outfit, Bloggers Challenge.

Untitled #27

Last week I was contacted by and asked if I would like to participate in their Christmas Blogger Challenge. The challenge was to choose a brand from Fashion Vouchers and find an outfit suitable for a Christmas party.

I picked Fashion Union , this is a brand I've heard of but not one I've bought from in the past. The stuff I found was amazing, and it was very hard to whittle it down to this outfit. I can't believe how many bargains there are, I am absolutely in love with this skirt. The bralet was also in the sale down to just £12!

I thought this outfit would be fab for a formal or informal Christmas party. And perfect for a Christmas night, the blazer is so cool but would keep you nice and warm when there is a huge queue to get into a club! I would love, love, love to wear this outfit for my Christmas do, but I really need some pennies!

So the total came to a mere £96, which I think is fab for an ENTIRE new outfit, plus the blazer is so versatile it could be worn all year round.

What will you be wearing for your Christmas party? You can take part in this competition here.

Katie xx

My tattoo advice.

I got my third tattoo 10 days ago, I've been dying to do this post but wanted to wait until all the scab had come off. The image on the left is from 4 days ago, as you can see the scab was happily peeling, and for those wondering that is Bepantham all over it. The image on the right is from this morning (day 10) after my scab has fully come away.

For those thinking about getting tattoos make sure they mean something, before you jump in at the deep end. Remember it's for life. My other two tattoo's are a little love heart on my arm and 'Forever Young' in Italian on the top of my back. The rabbit doesn't need explaining, you all know my love for bunnies and how much I miss having mine. So now I have a rabbit with me always. Rabbit's are also said to symbolise luck and intuition. 

And anyone wanting to know how much tattoo's hurt, this wasn't so bad and surprisingly took about 5 minutes to do. The one on my back hurt a little more cos it's slightly over my shoulder blade and was more painful over the bone. But all in all it's not 'painful' as such but more an irritating feeling, in fact a lot like a rabbit scratch, but over and over again. 

The heeling process is pretty simple, but you must make sure it's done correctly cos they ink can run or be withdrawn, if you use the wrong things. I used a basic soap and water wash to clean the tattoo, and patted dry with a CLEAN towel. Then a thin layer of Bepanthem. Then repeat several times a day. You can tell when it needs re-doing usually as the area gets dry. The 'peeling' process tends to happen for me around day 4 or 5. DO NOT pick the scab, let it do it's thing. 

I've been very lucky with my heeling processes and never had any trouble. It can be hard work trying not to get the tattoo wet, my tattooist recommended making sure it isn't soaked until at least after a month of it being done. Which is quite hilarious when you see me trying to wash my hair one handed. If it does get a little splashed, I've again been PATTING dry with a clean towel, then reapplying bepanthem.

Hope this helps if anyone is considering getting a tattoo and feel free to ask any questions about heeling etc. if you have any problems! Remember the tattooist is their to help, so if you have questions go back!

Katie xx

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Video: Selfridges Lucky Bag.

Did you get any better goodies than me in your lucky bags? I'm really disappointed. I'm actually now considering signing up to Glossy Box to cheer myself up. Control yourself Katie.

Katie xx

Friday, 16 November 2012

What I've won.

I've been pretty lucky these last few weeks, which is weird for me as I'm usually the unluckiest person on Earth. But I won two giveaway and competition on Twitter.

Firstly I won Emma's Secret Santa giveaway, but that post will have to wait a month or so as it's a Christmas present! Then I won Kia's giveaway and got a gorgeous bronzer, which I'm going to blog about now. And lastly, I am VERY excited to say I won 2 tickets to Clothes Show Live for 7th December, from Twitter. I actually can't wait. I went last year, but didn't think I could afford a ticket for this year but now I have some!!

Anyway, here's what I won from Kia:

Make Believe Enhance Sunbeam Bronzer & Brush

Firstly how cute is Christmas Neil? If you don't know who Neil is pop over to Kia's blog and all will be revealed! Kia sent me a lovely note with my gorgeous bronzer. I'd never heard of Make Believe before, but after doing a little research it seems very well loved, so I was very excited for this to arrive. 

I don't wear bronzer every day, more for special occasions so I've only swatched a little on my hands, mainly cos the brush was so perfectly white I didn't want to disturb it! But it's a lovely colour and goes very well with my skin tone, considering I am beyond pale.

I can't wait until Christmas so I can wack this baby out regularly and add a little Winter sun to my Snow White face. I think it will look perfect to add a shimmer glow to fake tan. I've discovered you can buy this online at Next for £15.

Katie xx


Thursday, 15 November 2012

My first You Tube video.

I've done a video. This is so weird. I hate my voice.

Basically I've reviewed The Body Shop Chocomania and ranted about my awful skin at the moment. You can get Chocomania from here. Please take a look at my vid and tell me if it's awful!

Katie xx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Washi Review.

On twitter last week I joined a discussion about face cloths/muslin cloths, I was tweeted by the lovely Louise from Lucris Limited. Louise offered to send me a few bits to try - so of course I gladly jumped at the chance. I was sent some Washi cloths, Washi spirals and a Skin Polishing Towel. 

The brand Washi was developed after Louise spent time in Japan and discovered a "lightweight flannel that are a very integral part of Japanese skincare". 

As the letter contains the concept behind Washi - I thought I would share it with you! Louise explained she didn't really get on with Muslin cloths and flannels but wanted something similar but retained heat and washed/dried well. The Washi cloths are pure cotton, so very gentle on skin. I agree that muslin cloths do not retain heat at all. You need to be super sonic at cleansing if you want your cloth to still be hot when you've done your whole face. And I don't know if you all agree but flannels take FOREVER to dry and have an awful musty smell after..

The Washi cloth is smaller than a muslin cloth and much kinder and softer on my skin. I've been using this with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, instead of the muslin cloth. These are very soothing to your skin, as I have very spot-prone skin, it can get extremely sore at times, but these are perfect for me. The thin towel means it drys very quickly and doesn't get that awful smell. They retain heat VERY well too, so perfect for a hot cloth cleanse!

The skin polishing towel again is extremely soft and delicate on my skin. But also somehow manages to remove any dry, dead skin around my eyebrows and nose. And leave my skin feeling smooth and much perkier. I am really impressed with the products I've tried and will certainly not be moving back to a mudlin cloth anytime soon. 

Lastly, I haven't got round to trying these cotton buds yet but I thought I would explain them anyway. They are sort of indented, unlike the standard smooth bulb-shaped cotton bud. This idea is so they collect more debris and  do a more thorough job. 

Washi products are retailing at an unbelievably good price, I've just nipped on the website and I was very surprised! The hot cloth/skin polishing pack I recieved is £5.95 and you can buy that here, a Washi hot cloth pack only is £4.75 from here and the Spiral Cotton Buds are 99p, here.

Katie xx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

100 Day Challenge: Weekly Wishlist 10.

Untitled #26
A slightly belated wishlist this week. I've had a lot of work to do for uni but finally handed in my assignment last night, so I'm happy. Unfortunatly that means I am nearly a week away from an Anantomy & Physiology exam, oh dear. So I will be spending the next next week with my head in books and breaking for blogging of course.
This weeks wishlist is pretty basic. I love Jo Malone products, although I've never owned one, I do always take a special trip to Selfridges when I'm in Manchester just for a good perfume spritz! I love how natural all the products smell, and I believe you would more than get your monies worth!
I fell in love with the Nectarine, Blossom and Honey Cologne a while back now, so this is the one I always get a good spray of when I visit the counter (cheeky!). It's such a sweet fresh smelling perfume, I love the natural smell. It is a bit nostalgic for me too, I practically lived off necterines at my Granny's house as a child, so that's probably why I love the smell so much.
I spotted a candle of the same scent on the website too, this needs to make it's way into my life. Although if there was a wax tart that was nectarine scented, I would gladly give that one a whirl..
This week has kinda dragged, and today is my last day in uni till next Monday, so no doubt this week will drag too. I'm getting on the countdown to Berlin now, so it's no wonder! Oh and the speading ban hasn't been too bad this week. I've had to get some new foundation but I did run out, still no clothes though. I'm getting pretty desperate now though, I NEED jumpers!
Katie xx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

My new love: Wax Tarts.

 I had a really busy fun day yesterday, I jumped on the train and met my friends at Medowhall in Sheffield. I didn't realise how quickly I can get there from Manchester, so I will be going more often now!
With the spending ban still in place I think I did pretty well - I got some more secret Santa goodies and a wax tart burner plus two wax tarts. I am VERY excited about this!

  Pretty Christmas lights//
My cute Santa clementine juice (5p donated to Shelter too!)


I picked this little baby up from a independent candle shop in Medowhall. It was only £4.99 which I was really impressed with. I've been desperate to try some wax tarts forever, and my Primark candle ran out so I thought I would treat my house!

I picked up Pink Dragon Fruit and Spiced Orange Yankee wax tarts. I absolutely LOVE the smell of the Pink Dragon Fruit, it's so sweet and yummy. I have a big open-plan living room and kitchen, it's pretty difficult to get an air freshener or candle to fill the room, but this did it no problem. I've just been back in this morning and it still smells amazing. Even the hubby was impressed and has totally been converted to wax tarts (I think cos they are so cheap!). 

The Pink Dragon Fruit tart cost £1.24 and the Spiced Orange was less than £1 - as it's the flavour of the month. I'm really excited to try the Orange, it smells very Christmassy! But I still have a lot of my Dragon fruit left as they burn for 20 hours. I also picked up 30 tealights for £1 in Poundland, wax tart burners are well worth the investment. I'm in love!

What flavours have you tried?

Katie xx


Friday, 9 November 2012

My inner artist.

For the first time, in a long time, this morning I fancied doing some drawing. This may have been to avoid doing assignments but nevertheless I wanted to draw. For the record I do have a foundation degree in Applied Art - but that is textiles, ceramics and jewellery, so not much drawing. I don't think I've drawn outside of school/college since I did my A-levels all those years ago! 

Of course I drew animals, what else would I draw? So here are my bunnies.

They're a bit poop, but I'd thought I would share anywho! I actually realised how much I used to love just doodling, it kind makes you feel relaxed and chilled. Probs not the best thing to do BEFORE looking at my assignment, whoops.

Did you ever do one-lined drawings in school or college? I remembered I loved trying to make an image out of one line. We used to time our selves too, so you would maybe only have 60 seconds to draw a one lined image. I thought I needed to rekindle my youth a little so did some one lined drawings too. 

It only seems to have one leg.. weird.

What do you like to do to de-stress?

Katie xx
P.S I got another tattoo yesterday, but I'm waiting for a few days until I show you!


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gluten free baking.

As most of you know I'm gluten free, which can be very pricey at times. My dad bought me some gluten free flour and yeast recently and basically told me to go and make my own bread. I must admit it is probably cheaper in the long run, but it is very time consuming and it's much more convenient to pop to Tesco. Nevertheless I gave it a go.


I maybe went a little OTT with the salt which left them too salty to enjoy properly, but they were okayish. I still have more flour so I can perfect my technique and try not to add too much salt this time. They were pretty easy to make, but there is a lot of waiting around for proving time, which is what annoys me about baking bread. But I will be giving it another go and fingers crossed I will have a yummy batch!

Katie xx
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