Friday, 12 October 2012

The countdown to Mallzee.

Image from Mallzee

If you haven't heard about Mallzee yet where have you been? Basically it's an online shopping experience for you to create your own personalised 'mall' (Mallzee),using the brands you like/buy from. The software then finds items for you, looking at your personal style! How fab is that? It's kind of like a personal shopper, but you don't have to leave the sofa!

If that hasn't persuaded you, you actually get paid every time someone buys from your Mallzee. You can then use that money, to buy from the brand or donate to charity  if you're feeling very kind! So basically, your getting paid to shop. Is this not every girl's dream?! 

Image from Mallzee

The site hasn't launched yet, it's due before the end of the year, but you can sign up now for a pre-launch invite. There is currently a chance to win £100 ($155) when you sign up, so that's even more money to spend!

Mallzee currently have a blog, facebook & Twitter, so you can follow their updates/progress and be the first to here about giveaways! Or just go say Hi!

I can't wait for Mallzee to launch, I'm addicted to online shopping and this is a good excuse to spend if I'm getting money back, right?! I think I'm going use it is as a way top compare the brands I love and see where I can get the most bargains. I think it will be perfect for getting my weekly wishlists in order!

Have you signed up yet?

Katie xx

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