Saturday, 20 October 2012

Schokolade Elche.

I don't know about you lot, but I love this time of year. Dark nights, crisp, frosty mornings and blue skies. I actually don't even mind the cold.It's the perfect excuse for a Starbucks hot chocolate! I hate the snow though, so as long as it stays warm enough for no snow, I'm happy. I really can't wait to go to Berlin for Christmas, cos I've been promised freezing cold weather and lots of German Markets!

I'm currently in the process of searching for a new PRACTICAL Winter coat. You've all seen my gorgeous faux fur Topshop coat, but it just isn't suitable for the really cold weather. I find my self layering and layering under it, I am a very cold person as it is, but I'm making far too much washing for myself. So Winter coats will be my wishlist this week!

I have managed to find a lovely scarf from Primark, it's a really cosy snood and I have my beautiful Warehouse hat from last year so I don't need a new one of those. I would kind of love some ear muffs but my head is pea-sized and they are either too big or the kids ones are just too small and don't cover my full ear!

My point for this post is to show you my amazing mittens. I did get these a while back, but it hasn't been cold enough to wear them. They did have there debut this morning, but it was warmer than I thought so they spent their day in the car. Nevertheless, they are perfect, and EXACTLY me.

ASOS -  £12 £7

MOOSE!!! You can buy them here, they are currently in the sale at ASOS, I am completely in love with these. They have a gorgeous fleecy lining too and are really thick, perfect for a German Winter!

Have you got your Winter warmers ready?

Katie xx


  1. Awh they're adorable!

    Emma x

  2. cute mittens, lovely post :-)


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