Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mango Tango.

It's that time in the month again, to dye my hair. Last month, I discovered my perfect hair dye, but didn't get round to blogging about it. So after picking up my second pack, I remembered to document it!

As you know, I can't get enough of Superdrug's own brand. I've harped on and on about how fab it is and that it's completely animal friendly. In fact, I have some more products to rave about, but I'll leave them until tomorrow!

Superdrug - £3.99

This is the colour I've been using, it's it gorge? I love the bright vibrant colour and I am literally desperate for it to go exactly like the photo. To be honest (I will show you the results below), I don't think my hair is too far off now. I just have a few chunks that are slightly darker cos of the way my hair has been dyed in the past. And the ends are lighter, cos I ombred my hair before, but other than that, I'm happy.

Each pack comes with this intensive colour conditioner, which I know comes with most hair dyes but I really get good use out of this one - it has up to 6 applications which is fab and leaves you hair super soft!

Excuse the photo, but you get the jist! 

What do you think? Have you tried Superdrug's hair dyes?

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Katie xx



  1. I LOVE that colour! It's beautiful x

  2. I've just gone from blonde to a reddish/ginger colour and loving it, however it's not as orange-y as I would like, think I shall try this out as it looks gorgeous! Have you used the feria mango colour? xxx

  3. Love that colour and your blog :) !!


  4. I love the hair colour! I use Lush henna and get a similar colour - thought it's a bit more brown because my natural hair colour is dark-ish so mine looks more highlighted than anything!

    Morag x

  5. Love the richness in colour!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  6. Omg, amazing hair!

  7. wow! amaze colour! i wish i had the guts to go so vibrant! xxx


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