Thursday, 25 October 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

As you know I had a few rules on my spending ban; one of them being I could buy something if I ran out. Well, last week I ran out of dry shampoo - I know disaster!! I'll be honest I don't love Superdrug's dry shampoos cos they do absolutely nothing for my hair. I used to swear by Batiste, but as they aren't cruelty free it's a no go for me. So of course Lush was the obvious option.

No Drought Dry Shampoo £6.50/115g - I've read so many reviews on this baby, I literally couldn't wait for my dry shampoo to run out! Okay, firstly you get A LOT of dry shampoo for your money - I read somewhere that it lasts nearly a year (obv if you don't use it 1000 times a day). 

It has a very talc feel to it, but that'll be the cornflour. But it goes on really easily and soaks up any oil super fast. Despite the colour it doesn't stay white in your hair, like other brands tend to. I place some in my palm then ruffle through my locks, but it does say you can just 'puff' directly onto your hair too. Be warned - it can be a little messy the first time, until you work out how much you need. Don't make my mistake and wear black, cos it kind of looks like you've rolled around in chalk!

The smell is delicious too. Grapefruit, citrusy niceness. Yum. I'm converted, I will never use another dry shampoo again - and probably won'y need to buy any new for the next 6 months at least!

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt £1.95/60g - Okayyyy, so I couldn't leave Lush without picking up this little guy. Isn't this the sweetest bath melt you have every seen?! I am loving the Christmas range in store at the moment - this smells like heaven. 

If you haven't used bath melts before, it's pretty simple. You break off a little of the melt and let it dissolve in your tub. I have to admit, this kind of broke my heart a little when I had to destroy the cute snowman, but it was totally worth it. This has a gorgeous cinnamon, Christmassy smell, it kind of reminds me of Christmas eve. It has got me right in the mood for Christmas time.  

And if you are wondering - yes those are chocolate buttons and a chunk of ginger. 

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas stuff?

Katie xx



  1. ah I love lush, I didnt realise they did dry shampoo though, great review!

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  2. I did not know Lush do a dry shampoo! The melting snowman is so cute xx

  3. Hiya, thanks for sending your link on bbloggers chat last night. Wow this little snowman is quite, I am planningot go to lush very soon and still dont know what to get, it all smells too good :)

  4. I never knew Lush have a dry shampoo it looks so good, batiste lasts like 2 weeks at the most xx

  5. I love LUSH!!! ♥ Their products are amazing!

    Lana, xo

  6. I just got a dry shampoo ( as shown in my last haul- shameless plug I know haha) so I really don't need one but now you've made me really want to go get that one. Beauty blogging is dangerous!x

  7. I love the Melting Snowman at Christmas! Also snow fairy, I always stock up!


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