Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gluten Free Pizza Hut.

I need to share my love for Pizza Hut right now. I know to most of you this won't matter, but Pizza Hut introduced their Gluten Free range at the beginning of October and I FINALLY got to go last night.

I'm so boring and always have the same - Margarita with mushrooms, yum! I've got to say Pizza Hut has a very distinct taste and man had I missed it. I haven't eaten there for at least 6 months - before I was diagnosed with a Gluten Intolerance.

So what do I think? The base is actually really yummy, not as crispy as Bella Italia (which I think is a good thing), a lot more 'pizza-base like'. I love that it's square, I know that doesn't add to the taste, but it's cute. I did find it VERY filling though, and was nearly tempted to take home a doggy bag, but I did manage to squeeze it all in. 

It's actually amazing going to Pizza Hut and being able to live a normal day the day after. Pizza Hut was always the worst place for me to eat but now I'm already looking forward to go back for another!

Katie xx


  1. That's amazing! I haven't been diagnosed with any kind of intolerance but I always get such bad stomach pains every evening and some mornings. Knowing my luck it'll be something I love. Like Cheese. Or Pasta :( xxx

  2. i didn't know they did this! i'd have to have it without cheese but i may give it a go at some point! i miss pizzaaaa!


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