Friday, 26 October 2012

Check your boobies.

As you know, I'm blogging PINK this month, for Breast Cancer Awareness. My essay on Breast Cancer is coming along, and it's really opened my eyes to how very real Breast Cancer is - 1 in 8 women will get Breast Cancer in their lifetime. Wow. If I'm that 1, I want to make sure I've donated and do everything I can to support the charities looking for a cure or simply supporting those with cancer.

I hope you've all see over on A Million Dresses, The Bloggers Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle (TBBCAR) is live today. You can win some AMAZING prizes from Vivienne Westwood Shoes to £50 gift vouchers. And it's only £2 a ticket! All the money raised is going straight to Breast Cancer Awareness, such a fab cause.

So pop over to A Million Dresses and find out more info! You donate via Just Giving so it couldn't be easier. I've already bought my ticket, go take a look at the prizes.

Don't forget to CHECK YOUR BOOBIES!

Katie xx

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