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Book Review; Touched By Angels.

Wow, so much interest in a Bloggers Meet in Manchester, very happy! I will be contacting those who said they would be willing to give me a hand organising either tomorrow or Friday. I'm really glad so many people are interested, fingers crossed it will all get sorted and I will update you asap.
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I have just finished the most amazing book, so I just had to share it with you. I've been encouraged to read more by my Dyslexia tutor, so I'm trying to get some easy-read books rather than always reading text books. My Kindle is fab at recommending things I might like, from my past reads. But to be honest I only bought this book because it was 20p from the Kindle store, it was very good buy!
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I always get the little sample to read before buying the book. Usually you get the first chapter, but by the time I've read the first few pages I'm pretty sure whether I want to read on. This book had me literally glued from the first page.
I'm a sucker for a front cover, and having now seen this cover, I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it in Waterstone's, but it really is a fab read. Again, I'm not sure if I had read the blurb whether I would have gone for it. I tend to like a straight forward boy-meets-girl chick lit.
Although this, I would consider as chick lit, had a bit more of a 'grown-up' feel and wasn't as straight forward as most the books I pick up. This is really fast-paced and definitely a page turner.
Basically Jake, Sarah and Jenny are the main characters. Jake is a widow, lost his wife and child. Sarah is a single mum, new to Jake's town. Jenny is Sarah's four year old daughter with Downs Syndrome.
There are lots of obstacles in Jake and Sarah's way, for them to avoid and to make a relationship work. This literally has you on the edge of your seat (or bed, where ever your read...) until the very last page.
There were so many points where I wanted to scream at Jake, but then he would do something to make you feel for him. The same with Sarah, she frustrates you all the way through, but you just HAVE to read on.
I really loved this book, I will be looking out for more of Peggy Webb's books in the Kindle store!
Have you read any of Peggy Webb's books?
Katie xx

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  1. The meet up sounds great, I'd love to come and see everyone!
    I can't commit sadly due to my illness :( butttttt I'm really hoping I'll be having a 'good day' when it's on.
    Fingers crossed,
    me xx


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