Monday, 29 October 2012

100 Day Challenge; Weekly Wishlist 8.

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It's that time of the week again. I'd like to think I've done pretty well this week. I've been open and honest with you all with my purchases and only really slipped up with the candle in Primark. I STILL haven't bought any new clothes, which is slowing getting harder cos my wardrobe only has so many combination. But I've only got just over a month left to go! Roll on 9th December!

This weeks wish list comes from Mango. I'll be honest I always bypass Mango, and never bother looking in. But last week I was waiting for the hubby to meet me after work, so I popped into the Manchester store. I was pleasantly surprised. I had somehow, over the years, convinced myself that Mango was out of my price range, it really isn't. I kind of remind me of a more upmarket (no offence) H&M. I love H&M, don't get me wrong but sometimes the quality isn't there. Mango's stuff looked fab quality and also very simplistic, which I really like. 

There were so many jumpers to choose from, I will be going back to prepare my Berlin wardrobe! Lots of baggy over sized tops too, perfect for layering! I actually didn't see this black lace shirt in store, but I love it. It's so Victorian vintage styled, it would look perfect for my Christmas night out.

I also LOVE these velvet shorts, they also come in black but I kinda liked the khaki more. The hubby HATES velvet, so I could get these and wear them when he's annoying me! The man-repeller short.

Lastly, this scarf is perfect. I got a hat from Warehouse last year and this would match exactly! I'll be popping that in my basket too.

Katie xx



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  2. Really love the black blouse

  3. I really like all the tops! Especially first and third, but other two look so cosy too :)x

  4. You have pretty amazing sense of style!

  5. love the two jumpers!

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  6. i love the sheer black blouse!
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