Monday, 22 October 2012

100 Day Challenge; Weekly Wishlist 7.

It's somehow Monday again. Seriously, it feels as if I've just missed the entire of 2012 and it's suddenly 9 weeks to Christmas. Is it just me who feels like this? I swear time genuinely goes faster, the older you get. 

Anyway this week there is one thing, and one thing only on my wishlist - The Coat. I'm so in love with this coat, it needs to make it's way to my wardrobe ASAP. I actually tried it on in Hollister yesterday and it's just perfect. And so practical! It has a really thick lining and is fleecey inside - so will keep me very warm. Plus it has a hood and is waterproof - which are my only two criteria really. 

However, the coat does come at a £99 price tag, which I don't think is bad for one that will last forever, but I don't have £99 going spare. Maybe I'll ask Mammy for the money as an early Christmas pressie! I will definitely need this in Berlin!

What coat are you lusting after this year?

Katie xx

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