Monday, 8 October 2012

100 Day Challenge; Weekly Wishlist 5.

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Another week bites the dust. Five weeks down, eight to go. This week I have failed miserably. I gave into temptation in Superdrug and Primark spending a total of around £20. Okay, I'm not proud but still, this is a huge improvement on my usual spending and I promise this week to behave myself. On a good note, just got news that my tax refund should be on it's way soon, so fingers crossed.
So this weeks wishlist is from Matalan. I don't really get chance to go to Matalan very often, mainly cos Wigan's isn't up to much and the nearest decent one is the other side of Bolton. When I do go, I usually find something bargainess. I bought those lovely shoes a while back, and ended up with two pairs for £24, you can't grumble at that.
Although sometimes Matalan is a bit hit or miss, recently their website has been really exciting. I think they have upped their game, and actually have some really on-trend goodies to be had.
My favourite is the Ombre top, it looks fab quality, and is nice and oversized - perfect for winter and layering up.
I also adore those boots! How cute are they?! I think they are around £18 - which is fab. I've seen lots of buckled ankle boots around, that haven't been anything less that £40. Plus these are Veggie friendly and aren't made of leather! I think they will be perfect for my Christmas trip to Berlin.
I kind of forget that Matalan does a good range of homeware. I love this rose/heart clock, it's just too cute and would go perfectly on my bedside table! The prices of homeware are really reasonable too, especially if you're on a budget (as I always am!).
Lastly, this cardigan is AMAZING. I've seen this in 'real' life and instantly fell in love. It's only £24 and I have seen one almost identical in River Island for double the price. It is super soft and really chunky and cosy -  I need it in my wardrobe!!
Do you love Matalan?
Katie xx




  1. Love the boots and the ombre top. You're making me want to go spending! x

  2. Those boots are amazing!
    Matalan is out of the way where I live so I dont often go in but when I do I always find gems!!!

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