Monday, 1 October 2012

100 Day Challenge; Weekly Wishlist 4.

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I can't believe I'm doing my 4th weekly wishlist, where has time gone. And OMG it's October, how did that happen?! BUT, that means I'm allowed to buy magazines again, yey!!
This week's wishlist is a little different, I was just looking at H&M's website and found their home ware. How have I not seen this before? How cute is some of their stuff? I don't understand why it's not in any stores I've been to though, and I've been to a lot.

I'm literally in love with everything, you all know Katie + Animals = Match made in heaven. I adore this rabbit duvet cover, but they only do it for a single bed!! I think it's a kids cover, but to be fair I don't think the hubby would be too pleased if I put it on our bed.

You can't make it out too well on here, but that cat thingy is actually two hand towels! I've been wanting to change my bathroom colour scheme, I think I could totally sneak these in without the Mr knowing..

I'm also loving the candle/jar, don't they look so expensive? I think the candle is about £4 and the jar was maybe a Fiver, not bad to say you can pick things up like this in Selfridges for triple the price.

Lastly, I absolutely need this storage basket in life. I can just imagine it in my bedroom, with my files/magazines for uni stored in it. Or it would make a fab laundry basket too, to replace the awful blue bucket-type thing we have at the moment.

Anyway, this week hasn't been too bad spending wise. I got my bursary on Friday, bought a few books for uni (which is of course allowed) and got some plain black Converse for placement, cos I need something really comfy for my feet! My lovey hubby bought me a new dress, for my sister;s 18th and THE cat tee from Topshop, have you seen it yet?! Which I love him very much for!

Anyway, I'm now off to learn about medicine distribution, then Anatomy and Physiology, wish me luck!

Katie xx


  1. H&M have homeware?? How could I not know either?
    Oh my god, the duvet. xx

  2. I absolutely love h&m homeware - I also need that storage basket! X

  3. I love that bed linen! I have a single, but too bad it's sold out! Never knew h&m did homeware!

  4. Super cute blog! xx.

  5. Cute blog girl! Thanks for stopping by mine! Following now :)

  6. Love H&M Homewares and I don't understand why they don't have it in the stores either!! It's usually in the catalogues. They have such lovely things - love all the things on your wishlist!! Especially that bedding. The Topshop cat tee is soooo cute! x

  7. The things you've chosen are so cute!


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