Wednesday, 31 October 2012

This is Thriller, Thriller night.

My lovely pen pal in California sent me this cute card last week. She made it herself, she is far more creative than me!

Do you have any plans for tonight? I've seen so many little trick-or-treaters dressed up, too cute. I wish I was young enough to get away with knocking on doors for sweets. Maybe I need to borrow a child from somewhere for next year!

Happy Halloween.

Katie xx


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rub a dub dub.

I was pretty excited last week, when I discovered a Lush shower gel in my toiletries, that I didn't know I had. I got a few gift boxes from Lush for my birthday and it must have made it's way to the bottom of my toiletries pile! I was even more excited when I realised it was a shower gel I'd never tried.

Rub Rub Rub is a shower gel scrub. I was pretty surprised with the consistency of this shower gel, it's jelly-like but salty texture too. It's very hard to describe. I've been using about a 10p sized amount on my loofah thingy. It foams up really well,and the grainy texture actually feels kind of nice on your skin. It exfoliates as well as cleans!

As you can see the colour is very vibrant, a very blue-blue. The smell of this scrub is amazing. Again, it's quite hard to describe, it's kind of citrusy, fresh scent. I think a lemony smell kind of takes over but isn't overpowering. I actually noticed the smell of this scrub still on my skin this evening - which is always a good thing!

This is priced at £7.95/330g, I don't know whether I would be happy paying that amount for very little. I assume you are meant to use this a couple of times a week as an exfoliator - in which case I would probably pay £7.95, but I've been using it every day. I would guess it would last about 4 weeks if you used a smallish amount like I do every day. 

Have you tried any other Lush shower gels?

Katie xx


Monday, 29 October 2012

100 Day Challenge; Weekly Wishlist 8.

Untitled #23

It's that time of the week again. I'd like to think I've done pretty well this week. I've been open and honest with you all with my purchases and only really slipped up with the candle in Primark. I STILL haven't bought any new clothes, which is slowing getting harder cos my wardrobe only has so many combination. But I've only got just over a month left to go! Roll on 9th December!

This weeks wish list comes from Mango. I'll be honest I always bypass Mango, and never bother looking in. But last week I was waiting for the hubby to meet me after work, so I popped into the Manchester store. I was pleasantly surprised. I had somehow, over the years, convinced myself that Mango was out of my price range, it really isn't. I kind of remind me of a more upmarket (no offence) H&M. I love H&M, don't get me wrong but sometimes the quality isn't there. Mango's stuff looked fab quality and also very simplistic, which I really like. 

There were so many jumpers to choose from, I will be going back to prepare my Berlin wardrobe! Lots of baggy over sized tops too, perfect for layering! I actually didn't see this black lace shirt in store, but I love it. It's so Victorian vintage styled, it would look perfect for my Christmas night out.

I also LOVE these velvet shorts, they also come in black but I kinda liked the khaki more. The hubby HATES velvet, so I could get these and wear them when he's annoying me! The man-repeller short.

Lastly, this scarf is perfect. I got a hat from Warehouse last year and this would match exactly! I'll be popping that in my basket too.

Katie xx


Sunday, 28 October 2012

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.

I was a little naughty yesterday in Primark, I saw the new Christmas home stuff and I just HAD to get my hands on something. I've bought home stuff from Primark in the past, and I have to admit it's pretty good value for money. I have countless tea towels and the odd candle or two. Yesterday, I picked up another candle Cinnamon Clove - possibly the most Christmassy smell ever.

How lovely is the snowflake design? This little beauty is currently sizzling away in front of me. It's actually quite a strong scent considering the candle was £1.50. It's currently trying to compete with garlic bread, and I can still smell it - so that must be a good thing!

I will be buying more of these lovelies! I also spotted a 3-wicked candle for £3, I need to invest!! I almost bought a room spray too, but I got to the till and the queue was unreallll. So I just stuck with this baby, that I'd already bought.

Primark homeware is definitely worth a look, they have some lovely things for Christmas presents too, if you're on a tiny budget like me. I will be popping back asap and bagging me some more goodies. 

Katie xx 


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Allergy Show North. (Photo Heavy)

Today I've had a lovely day in sunny Liverpool. Wow it was cold, but the sun was shining and the skies were very blue. Thankfully I had my new Hollister coat on, I managed to persuade mammy and daddy to buy me my Winter coat for Christmas, so I was very snug! We went to Liverpool to go to the Allergy and Free From Show, as you all know I have a Gluten intolorence so I got a free ticket to go and try out lots of samples.

There were lots of brands I'd never heard of before, which were fab and great to see so many people in the same situation as me. It actually made me feel quite 'normal' as some people were suffering with lots of different allergies. I also got chance to try some gluten free brands that I've seen, but not got round to trying. I now have so favourite brands I'll be looking out for!

BT convention centre//Glutafin Stand//Pancake mix//Freebies
//Samples//GF Oats//DS Breakfast Rolls

Sorry for the photo heavyness, but I got a little excited.. I cant wait to make some flapjacks with those oats! I'm excited about the breakfast rolls too! It was nice to go around and know I could just try whatever I wanted as everything was GF. I've found a new brand of bread I'm in love with Glutafin white loaf - tastes EXACTLY like the real thing, with a bit of Lurpak, yum! I also discovered Fria a Swedish GF brand, but unfortunately it's only available online and the P&P is ridiculous!!

I hope I haven't bored you too much, but I know there is other people out there with food problems and IBS so this is for them! And anyone else that would like to give some GF stuff a try, I promise it isn't as bad as it sounds.

Katie xx


Friday, 26 October 2012

Pretty Hair & Manchester Meet Info.

I NEED to share my pretty hair with you all! I wandered through Boots today in Manchester and was stopped by the lovely Claire and asked if I wanted my hair doing for free. I informed her my hair does straight or straight, but she proved me VERY wrong.

Look how pretty it is!! I actually told the hairdresser that I was proud of my hair!
She used Remmington Pearl Barrel Tongs - Which I desperately want now. And Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode to keep my curls in. I'm amazed that my hair did this! I wish I had somewhere to go to wear it...

Those that said they were interested in Manchester Bloggers Meet - I've emailed you, check your Inbox/Junk I sometimes end up there!!

Katie xx


Check your boobies.

As you know, I'm blogging PINK this month, for Breast Cancer Awareness. My essay on Breast Cancer is coming along, and it's really opened my eyes to how very real Breast Cancer is - 1 in 8 women will get Breast Cancer in their lifetime. Wow. If I'm that 1, I want to make sure I've donated and do everything I can to support the charities looking for a cure or simply supporting those with cancer.

I hope you've all see over on A Million Dresses, The Bloggers Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle (TBBCAR) is live today. You can win some AMAZING prizes from Vivienne Westwood Shoes to £50 gift vouchers. And it's only £2 a ticket! All the money raised is going straight to Breast Cancer Awareness, such a fab cause.

So pop over to A Million Dresses and find out more info! You donate via Just Giving so it couldn't be easier. I've already bought my ticket, go take a look at the prizes.

Don't forget to CHECK YOUR BOOBIES!

Katie xx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gluten Free Pizza Hut.

I need to share my love for Pizza Hut right now. I know to most of you this won't matter, but Pizza Hut introduced their Gluten Free range at the beginning of October and I FINALLY got to go last night.

I'm so boring and always have the same - Margarita with mushrooms, yum! I've got to say Pizza Hut has a very distinct taste and man had I missed it. I haven't eaten there for at least 6 months - before I was diagnosed with a Gluten Intolerance.

So what do I think? The base is actually really yummy, not as crispy as Bella Italia (which I think is a good thing), a lot more 'pizza-base like'. I love that it's square, I know that doesn't add to the taste, but it's cute. I did find it VERY filling though, and was nearly tempted to take home a doggy bag, but I did manage to squeeze it all in. 

It's actually amazing going to Pizza Hut and being able to live a normal day the day after. Pizza Hut was always the worst place for me to eat but now I'm already looking forward to go back for another!

Katie xx

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

As you know I had a few rules on my spending ban; one of them being I could buy something if I ran out. Well, last week I ran out of dry shampoo - I know disaster!! I'll be honest I don't love Superdrug's dry shampoos cos they do absolutely nothing for my hair. I used to swear by Batiste, but as they aren't cruelty free it's a no go for me. So of course Lush was the obvious option.

No Drought Dry Shampoo £6.50/115g - I've read so many reviews on this baby, I literally couldn't wait for my dry shampoo to run out! Okay, firstly you get A LOT of dry shampoo for your money - I read somewhere that it lasts nearly a year (obv if you don't use it 1000 times a day). 

It has a very talc feel to it, but that'll be the cornflour. But it goes on really easily and soaks up any oil super fast. Despite the colour it doesn't stay white in your hair, like other brands tend to. I place some in my palm then ruffle through my locks, but it does say you can just 'puff' directly onto your hair too. Be warned - it can be a little messy the first time, until you work out how much you need. Don't make my mistake and wear black, cos it kind of looks like you've rolled around in chalk!

The smell is delicious too. Grapefruit, citrusy niceness. Yum. I'm converted, I will never use another dry shampoo again - and probably won'y need to buy any new for the next 6 months at least!

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt £1.95/60g - Okayyyy, so I couldn't leave Lush without picking up this little guy. Isn't this the sweetest bath melt you have every seen?! I am loving the Christmas range in store at the moment - this smells like heaven. 

If you haven't used bath melts before, it's pretty simple. You break off a little of the melt and let it dissolve in your tub. I have to admit, this kind of broke my heart a little when I had to destroy the cute snowman, but it was totally worth it. This has a gorgeous cinnamon, Christmassy smell, it kind of reminds me of Christmas eve. It has got me right in the mood for Christmas time.  

And if you are wondering - yes those are chocolate buttons and a chunk of ginger. 

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas stuff?

Katie xx


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Book Review; Touched By Angels.

Wow, so much interest in a Bloggers Meet in Manchester, very happy! I will be contacting those who said they would be willing to give me a hand organising either tomorrow or Friday. I'm really glad so many people are interested, fingers crossed it will all get sorted and I will update you asap.
Don't forget there is only one week left to enter my giveaway here.
I have just finished the most amazing book, so I just had to share it with you. I've been encouraged to read more by my Dyslexia tutor, so I'm trying to get some easy-read books rather than always reading text books. My Kindle is fab at recommending things I might like, from my past reads. But to be honest I only bought this book because it was 20p from the Kindle store, it was very good buy!
Image from here
I always get the little sample to read before buying the book. Usually you get the first chapter, but by the time I've read the first few pages I'm pretty sure whether I want to read on. This book had me literally glued from the first page.
I'm a sucker for a front cover, and having now seen this cover, I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it in Waterstone's, but it really is a fab read. Again, I'm not sure if I had read the blurb whether I would have gone for it. I tend to like a straight forward boy-meets-girl chick lit.
Although this, I would consider as chick lit, had a bit more of a 'grown-up' feel and wasn't as straight forward as most the books I pick up. This is really fast-paced and definitely a page turner.
Basically Jake, Sarah and Jenny are the main characters. Jake is a widow, lost his wife and child. Sarah is a single mum, new to Jake's town. Jenny is Sarah's four year old daughter with Downs Syndrome.
There are lots of obstacles in Jake and Sarah's way, for them to avoid and to make a relationship work. This literally has you on the edge of your seat (or bed, where ever your read...) until the very last page.
There were so many points where I wanted to scream at Jake, but then he would do something to make you feel for him. The same with Sarah, she frustrates you all the way through, but you just HAVE to read on.
I really loved this book, I will be looking out for more of Peggy Webb's books in the Kindle store!
Have you read any of Peggy Webb's books?
Katie xx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Just a quick post today, just wondering if we could organise a Manchester Bloggers Meet Up sometime soon? I'll be happy to organise thingsm if someone is willing to give me a hand and we have enough interest.
I'm aware that Manchester Meet Ups have happened before, so I assume there was interest then! I'm just getting a little envious of all these Meet Ups around the country at the moment, so we definiatly need a North West one!
Leave a comment if you're interested in meeting or email me at, if you would be willing to help me organise.
I've met so many lovely ladies in the Blogesphere, but none in 'real-life'!
I hope we can get enough interest to go ahead!
Katie xx

Monday, 22 October 2012

100 Day Challenge; Weekly Wishlist 7.

It's somehow Monday again. Seriously, it feels as if I've just missed the entire of 2012 and it's suddenly 9 weeks to Christmas. Is it just me who feels like this? I swear time genuinely goes faster, the older you get. 

Anyway this week there is one thing, and one thing only on my wishlist - The Coat. I'm so in love with this coat, it needs to make it's way to my wardrobe ASAP. I actually tried it on in Hollister yesterday and it's just perfect. And so practical! It has a really thick lining and is fleecey inside - so will keep me very warm. Plus it has a hood and is waterproof - which are my only two criteria really. 

However, the coat does come at a £99 price tag, which I don't think is bad for one that will last forever, but I don't have £99 going spare. Maybe I'll ask Mammy for the money as an early Christmas pressie! I will definitely need this in Berlin!

What coat are you lusting after this year?

Katie xx

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bunny Hugging.

Untitled #22

Photos from Tumblr

Around this time last year, I had to let my bunny go and live with someone else. I won't bore you with the reasons, but it was the only option. She did go and live somewhere where she had a lots of space and attention (and with someone the hubby knew), but I still miss her everyday. This is my dedication to all the bunnies of the world. I can't wait till I can get another, but non will replace Gerty.

My little munchkin.

Katie xx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Schokolade Elche.

I don't know about you lot, but I love this time of year. Dark nights, crisp, frosty mornings and blue skies. I actually don't even mind the cold.It's the perfect excuse for a Starbucks hot chocolate! I hate the snow though, so as long as it stays warm enough for no snow, I'm happy. I really can't wait to go to Berlin for Christmas, cos I've been promised freezing cold weather and lots of German Markets!

I'm currently in the process of searching for a new PRACTICAL Winter coat. You've all seen my gorgeous faux fur Topshop coat, but it just isn't suitable for the really cold weather. I find my self layering and layering under it, I am a very cold person as it is, but I'm making far too much washing for myself. So Winter coats will be my wishlist this week!

I have managed to find a lovely scarf from Primark, it's a really cosy snood and I have my beautiful Warehouse hat from last year so I don't need a new one of those. I would kind of love some ear muffs but my head is pea-sized and they are either too big or the kids ones are just too small and don't cover my full ear!

My point for this post is to show you my amazing mittens. I did get these a while back, but it hasn't been cold enough to wear them. They did have there debut this morning, but it was warmer than I thought so they spent their day in the car. Nevertheless, they are perfect, and EXACTLY me.

ASOS -  £12 £7

MOOSE!!! You can buy them here, they are currently in the sale at ASOS, I am completely in love with these. They have a gorgeous fleecy lining too and are really thick, perfect for a German Winter!

Have you got your Winter warmers ready?

Katie xx

Friday, 19 October 2012

All is well.

Today I got some bad news. Sometimes life shock you, and bring you back to reality with a huge thud. I've spent today is a daze, bad news always gets you thinking. Life is too short, live everyday as if it were your last.

Death is nothing at all.
I have only slipped away to the next room.
I am I and you are you.
Whatever we were to each other, 
That, we still are.

Call me by my old familiar name.
Speak to me in the easy way
which you always used.
Put no difference into your tone.
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed
at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word
that it always was.
Let it be spoken without effect.
Without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same that it ever was.
There is absolute unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind
because I am out of sight? 

I am but waiting for you.
For an interval.
Somewhere. Very near.
Just around the corner.

All is well. 
Henry Scott Holland

Katie xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ones to watch; 4.

I think it's time I did a 'ones to watch' post again, so here are some blogs to check out!

Lovely mixture of everything - kind of reminds me of my blog!

Lots of fashion and fab photography. And of course the gorgeous Sara.

Beauty based, product reviews and lovelyness!

Katie xx


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

You are Gold.

Last week I was lucky enough to receive my first sample from What's in My Handbag. Basically, it's a site you sign up to and request to 'try' product samples, if you are picked the sample is sent out to you. It did take a little while to arrive, and to be honest, I'd forgotten I'd requested, so I was really excited when the parcel arrived. 

I was sent Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I have heard so much about this product and how amazing it is, so I was really thrilled when I got to try it. I will admit I was a little dosey at first cos I didn't realise how 'liquid' it was. I also didn't read the instructions and tried to apply using my fingers... 

Anyway after reading the instructions, I used a cotton wool pad to apply. You literally sweep the liquid over your face on an evening and that's it! 

It doesn't have an overpowering smell, or feel strange one your face which, I was quite pleased with. My face hasn't become dry, but it is a little tighter - which can only be a good thing! I would say my pores have become smaller though, (I have combination skin). I can't say it has improved my skin condition drastically, as you only get a few days worth to try, but it is a very refreshing product. 

I would be tempted to invest in a bigger bottle, or at least another sample to try for a little longer, before I splurge. Liquid Gold is priced at around £30 for 100ml, I'd say this is about what I would expect to pay, it's not a 'high street' brand but then doesn't seem hugely overpriced either.

Have you tried liquid gold? What did you think?

Katie xx



Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bee's Boutique; OOTD.

One of my friends has recently been setting up a new website - Bee's Boutique, and she was kind enough to send me a gorgeous top to review. 

How pretty is this top? I hope you can see clearly from these photos (as some of you will know, my camera has slowly died, and I've had to invest in a new one!). It's a really gorgeous lace peplum top with and under layer  The quality is fab, and I felt quite 'dressed-up' wearing this to uni yesterday! I love the fact, you could wear this as a day-to-night top, and stick on a pair of heels and go dance the night away!

The best part is, it only costs £11.50. What a bargain! You can buy this here.

Bee currently has a coming soon collection too, which includes some gorgeous Lipsy coats..

There is room in my wardrobe for this! 

Go check out her website, and get yourself something pretty!

Katie xx


Monday, 15 October 2012

100 Day Challenge; Weekly Wishlist 6.

Untitled #21

It's somehow that time of the week again, my weekly wishlist.

I've not done so well on the spending ban this week, I've bought myself a new camera as mine is slowly dying, but in my defense I did get it out of a tax refund, so technically didn't spend any of my current money..

Never mind, at least I haven't been a mad shopping spree and broken every rule in my ban!

This week I'm pretty easy to please. If anyone fancies buying me ANYTHING from NEOM I will be eternally grateful.  I am absolutely in love with this candle, it's called Cocooning and smells like oranges and chamomile. It's just like heaven in a candle. I spoke to the lady in Selfridges for about half an hour, about these candles. I didn't realise they burn clearly so don't leave that awful scorch mark on the glass, or leave any nasties in the air. I am very much in love.

I've heard so many amazing things about NEOM's body care, I without a doubt, need to try this bubble bath. I can't explain how much I love bath time, and this bubble bath would certainly give me a good excuse to have a bath EVERY day. 

So if anyone is feeling flush, and wants to get my an early Christmas present (hint hubby!) feel free!

Katie xx


Sunday, 14 October 2012

You can't play on broken strings.

As promised, some more Superdrug beauties. I think I should be on commission for them! Do you ever find that everything in your bathroom runs out at the same time?! Shower gel goes then shampoo follows..

Anyway I needed to refill my bathroom (which is allowed on the spending ban!). I picked up some new Shampoo and Face Wash, I kind of cheated on the face wash. I didn't need any new, but my face is breaking out majorly at the moment and my skin is so dry, so I was concerned my face wash wasn't agreeing with my skin. 

Pro Vitamin Volumising Shampoo - This smells exactly like Pantene, which can only be a good thing. I haven't bought Pantene in so long, cos it's not veggie. I always loved the smell though, it reminds me so much of school, I think everyone used it back in the day! I bought this because it was unbelievably good value, 400ml (which is huge!) for £1.99. How can you complain at that? I does leave an amazing shine to your hair too. I'm not so sure about the volume thing, but my hair is so thin nothing will ever resolve that! I will be buying again, when it eventually runs out!

Simple PureGentle Facial Wash - This literally free from everything. This has no scent, is paraben free and hypoallergenic. I picked this up cos my skin is really not behaving it's self at the moment. I don't know what else to do, but hopefully this will stop it drying out so much. I can't find this on Superdrug's website, but I think it was about £1.50 for 150ml, which again is fab value. This is really gentle on your skin, so I would recommend if you are prone to dryness or have sensitive skin.

That's my latest purchases from Superdrug, I really hope my skin starts to sort it's self out. Ten years of problem skin is surely enough?!

Katie xx


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mango Tango.

It's that time in the month again, to dye my hair. Last month, I discovered my perfect hair dye, but didn't get round to blogging about it. So after picking up my second pack, I remembered to document it!

As you know, I can't get enough of Superdrug's own brand. I've harped on and on about how fab it is and that it's completely animal friendly. In fact, I have some more products to rave about, but I'll leave them until tomorrow!

Superdrug - £3.99

This is the colour I've been using, it's it gorge? I love the bright vibrant colour and I am literally desperate for it to go exactly like the photo. To be honest (I will show you the results below), I don't think my hair is too far off now. I just have a few chunks that are slightly darker cos of the way my hair has been dyed in the past. And the ends are lighter, cos I ombred my hair before, but other than that, I'm happy.

Each pack comes with this intensive colour conditioner, which I know comes with most hair dyes but I really get good use out of this one - it has up to 6 applications which is fab and leaves you hair super soft!

Excuse the photo, but you get the jist! 

What do you think? Have you tried Superdrug's hair dyes?

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!

Katie xx


Friday, 12 October 2012

Giveaway; 400 Followers!

I'm so excited to be doing this post. This is my 400 Followers Giveaway!

I got unbelievably excited last night, when a fellow blogger tweeted me to say she was the 400th follower! Wohoo! Thank you all SO MUCH! So what can you win?

Hand Made Skull Bracelet - Made by my very own hands. 

Cute Hamster earrings - I'm not quite talented enough to make these, they came from the Art College I used to attend. I thought as I am a huge lover of animals these would be appropriate (at least I think they are hamsters). But they do have the cutest noses ever.

Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion 100g - Smells like heaven. I've never tried this body lotion so I can't give a review, but you know how much I LOVE Lush and their animal friendly policy!

Sorry but this is open to UK residents only, I don't want to risk shipping body lotion too far!
The giveaway ends on Halloween, so get entering via Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Katie xx

The countdown to Mallzee.

Image from Mallzee

If you haven't heard about Mallzee yet where have you been? Basically it's an online shopping experience for you to create your own personalised 'mall' (Mallzee),using the brands you like/buy from. The software then finds items for you, looking at your personal style! How fab is that? It's kind of like a personal shopper, but you don't have to leave the sofa!

If that hasn't persuaded you, you actually get paid every time someone buys from your Mallzee. You can then use that money, to buy from the brand or donate to charity  if you're feeling very kind! So basically, your getting paid to shop. Is this not every girl's dream?! 

Image from Mallzee

The site hasn't launched yet, it's due before the end of the year, but you can sign up now for a pre-launch invite. There is currently a chance to win £100 ($155) when you sign up, so that's even more money to spend!

Mallzee currently have a blog, facebook & Twitter, so you can follow their updates/progress and be the first to here about giveaways! Or just go say Hi!

I can't wait for Mallzee to launch, I'm addicted to online shopping and this is a good excuse to spend if I'm getting money back, right?! I think I'm going use it is as a way top compare the brands I love and see where I can get the most bargains. I think it will be perfect for getting my weekly wishlists in order!

Have you signed up yet?

Katie xx

Thursday, 11 October 2012

My worst audience is my mirror.

If you visit the Trafford Centre regularly you will probably know they were hosting their own fashion week, last week. Me and the hubby popped up on Sunday, just for a browse and to start Christmas shopping (ergh!). 

To cut a long story short, I spotted they were doing make up etc. outside Topshop, so I popped along and got my make up done from Urban Decay, unfortunately I didn't get a photo! But the MUA used a really gorgeous eye shadow, I've never bought from UD before, so I think I need to get investing, after the spending ban of course.

Along side the make up was a body scanner. I have never seen one of these before, but of course I wanted to have a go. So basically you go in, strip down to your undies (I so wish I knew this before hand, I had the most unattractive underwear one EVER), get weighed/measured and in you go. The scanner itself is basically as black room with lots of little lights. I don't have a clue how it works, but literally within about 60 seconds it was complete.

I know, you might be thinking, whats the point? Well the idea is that you can tailor your clothes to your measurements and get the perfect fit!

Before you see the photos, I would just like to clarify a) the measurements are in cm's and b) the scanner squashes you down and stretches you out...

The thing I'm most excited about, is using these measurements I can FINALLY get a pair of jeans that actually fit! My legs are really small, and I always find jeans need rolling up, I spoke to the lady after the scan and she suggested Dorothy Perkins Petite Range, so I'm really excited to go have a look!

Have you ever had this done?

Katie xx
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