Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The first day of uni panic; What do I wear?!

Today is my last day of 'freedom'. At 9am tomorrow I am officially a Fresher again. This is literally the weirdest feeling ever. I feel like I'm going back to school after the 6 weeks holidays, very excited, a little apprehensive but itching to get started. 

How cute is my stationary?! I love the dog folder. And of course my yellow paper, that always saves the day!

Thankfully, I've been able to get in contact with a few people off my course, so already feel like I have some friends or at least people I know. I've prepared everything, got a pencil case (oh yeah) and I'm ready to rumble. There is one thing that is bothering me though, what do I wear?!

I have a lot of clothes, the hubby like to remind me of this regularly. But what is appropriate to wear on your first day? I want to make a good impression, as they say first impressions are the most important. I don't want to rock up in jeans and a tee, cos I just think that is a little too laid back,but at the same time I'm not going to turn up in a trouser suit. This afternoon is going to time for my to do a little fashion show (to myself) and find something I feel comfortable in. I'm praying this rain stops, else I'm going in wellies and that just isn't a good look.

Katie xx


  1. People on my course always just wear leggings and converse,super laid back stuff! id just go for skinny jeans and a pretty top :) good luck!!x

  2. maybe skiinny jeans and a chiffon blouse so you can rock both boats and not be too casuall or too smart ! good luck on your course and also it depends what course your doing what you would wear if your in drama then leggings would be fine !

  3. Hope you found something to wear! In fairness, at uni I've seen some horrendous fashion crimes, one lecture was a 9am start and a girl actually rolled up in pj bottoms flip flops and a hoodie.. avoid this look and I'm sure you'll be fine! Good Luck!




  4. The aforementioned pj and flip flop look was a big thing at my university, it was what the "rahs" did - the posh kids. The rest of us got dressed.

    Enjoy your first day!

  5. The only thing i used to like about going back to school was getting new stationary your dog folder is so cute! wish i had an excuse now to go and buy cute stationary! hope your first day goes well! :) x

  6. Id definitely say go with something youre comfortable in, you dont want to spend the day adjusting your clothes or feeling self conscious! Like Sophie-Pearl said, maybe skinny jeans and a nice top?
    Hope your first day goes well, have fun! :)

    Emma xo


  7. Hope the first day went well! Studying is always better with cute stationary ;) I just found your blog today and am now following. Would love you to check out mine. Naomi xx



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