Thursday, 6 September 2012

Something to make you hungry.

If you follow me on Twitter (@Katieatki) you'll have seen I was sent some yummy gluten free goodies to review, by the lovely people at Gluten Free Living Online.

I usually have a fear of trying new free from stuff, cos I've had a few bad experiences with cardboary bread and crumbling cakes, so I was a little skeptical when I discovered I'd been sent some brownies. However as soon as I bit into the yummyness, I knew I had nothing to worry about!

The brownies came really well packaged and arrived in once piece! I could smell them through the bubblewrap before I even reached the brownies. I was sent a pack of 8, which has given me one a day until they run out of date. They have a pretty good shelf life which I was impressed with and come in individual packets, so are really handy to pop in your bag for a snack.

Okay - first impressions, it looks like a brownie, smells like a brownies and actually tastes like a brownie! I've had a few gluten free cakes from supermarkets and they always have this strange texture and after taste, but these were literally exactly like the 'real' thing.

They are very moist and tastey and extremely moreish. I'm very glad they come in individual packets, else I would have been tempted to eat the whole amount. They are very nutty though, so if you have an allergy or don't like nuts, these probably aren't for you.

Lastly, I've just had a nosey at their website, mainly just to see what else they had going. There are some amazing looking cakes and gorgeous biscuits. Be careful adding them to your basket, I found that it automatically went with the higher amount available, e.g. these are sold in 8 packs or 16 and it added 16. They are reasonably prices at £8.99 for 8 which is fab. However, it is worth your while adding a few items cos that pesky P&P is £6.49.

I had fab communication with a guy at Gluten Free Living, so if you did have any queries i'm sure they would be happy to help! Tweet them @GFLivingOnline.

Happy drooling.

Katie xx


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