Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Should it stay or should it go?! Cardigan crisis.

Okay, I need some help. Do I keep this cardigan or not?!

Pros - 
Cute Print
Lovely and thick
I have very little Winter clothes & I'm on a spending ban

Cons - 
Although it was from Primark it was still £14
I can't decide if it matches anything
Does it look to long?!

Excuse the mess! I just took these quickly before I went out yesterday. Looking at this photos I do like the cardigan, I just don't know if I will get my £14's worth of wear. Also what do you think the etiquette is on exchanges during a spending ban?! Do I have to get the money back or can I exchange for an item(s) up to or less than the value?

I'm changing a rule of my spending ban too - I DO NOT need a winter coat, therefore that is banned also.

Let me know what you think.

Katie xx


  1. I love the cardigan! x

  2. I think keep it. When winter comes along I think you'll be glad you did :)

  3. I love this cardigan! Great for fall :D


  4. I'd say keep it but maybe it would look better with just plain colours? :) xx

  5. I think you should keep it, its a lovely cardigan and during winter you can never have too many! As the girl above me said, maybe because its quite a statement print it might go better with plain block colours?



  6. I like it, the print is so in this season, you'd prob regret taking it back if you're on a ban. However if I'd say that you're allowed to take it back and get an exchange as technically no money has been traded ;)

    xoxo AVS

  7. Yeah keep it, but I agree with Rachel, plain colours would work better. :) Also £14 isn't too bad seeing as camouflage prints in UO and Topshop are all over £60 xx

  8. your outfit looks very beautiful and i love your hair <3 your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  9. i like it! its really similar to one in topshop atm

  10. Love a good ol' camo print :)

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