Thursday, 13 September 2012


Just a quick one, apologies I didn't get time to post yesterday. After the excitement of first day I was exhausted. I hope you will be all pleased to hear it went well, aside from being very long (practically straight lectures from 9 till 5). My course sounds VERY full on, so forgive me if I don't get to post everyday, although I will try my best!

Thank you to everyone that wished me well on my first day, it is much appreciated. And a HUGE hello and thank you to my new followers, I love you all!

My latest craze; Scrapbooking.

I think I told you a while ago, I wanted to start a scrap book, and gave you a little up date a month or so ago. Well, it's going quite well. I haven't ventured too far from magazines yet but I have picked up a few postcards and leaflets I like the look of, so when I get chance they will be put in. I love having my own version of things that I love all in one place. Some pages look like I could have torn them out of Company and some look like pictures just threw up on them, but nevertheless I love it.

Do you have a scrapbook?

Katie xx



  1. Looks good! I have my smashbook that I stick in things and stuff from the things I do and places I go. Just nice to get messy with some glue every now and again.

  2. A good idea! We need more of this in our digital age.


  3. I love scrapbooking! Although my scrapbook is more of a photo album type scrapbook thing that I record all my holiday memories and memorabilia in one place (: xx

  4. Scrapbooking is fab, me and my friend made one of our prom and the summer after we left school - lots of fun :-)


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