Friday, 14 September 2012

I heard it screaming out your name.

It's pretty hard finding animal-friendly perfume on the high street, especially if you don't want the usual from The Body Shop or Lush. So the obvious place to look is on the internet. 

I was curious the other day, and came across a website called FMCosmetics. As far as I'm aware this company originated in Australia and is now worldwide. From what I can gather, is the company has the same set-up ish as Avon, so therefore it has sellers working on its behalf and is available online. When I discovered they made animal friendly perfume, I jumped at the chance to try a few samples. I'm usually nervous about asking for samples but the website encouraged it, so I couldn't say no. I emailed over to my local distributor and she happily sent me out the scents I chose. This is a fab idea, cos no one wants to spend money on a perfume they don't like! 

I picked FM18 and 101. They both smell really lovely, 101 reminds me so much of Armani Code and 18 a little of White Musk. The scents are long lasting and very easy to wear, they don't have that sickly, over powering smell some perfumes have. One of the amazing things about this brand, is they aren't over priced, and very reasonable. Around £12 for 30ml!

This is some info on the company, to sway you over, if you aren't already;

Only perfume plants are used that are cultivated and harvested with immense care and in accordance with strict ecological guidelines.
With this controlled cultivation, free from pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, the partners of Drom Fragrances were granted the “For Organically Produced Food” certificate, which is only issued for compliance with the especially stringent guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Fragrances by Federico Mahora have not been tested on animals!

Check out their website, and search your local distributer, then request some samples!

Katie xx

I have been in no way asked to write this post, I just wanted to share the brand.



  1. Ohh wow this is great news! I'm always looking out for new perfumes...and not finding any :P thanks for sharing! xx

  2. hey, dear! You have a great blog! I like this post about parfumes.. I might try those from this site.. hope I finally find MINE parfume :D
    Would you like to follow each other? Please let me know :)

    xoxo, Press


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