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Guest post; Vintage Dating.

My second guest post comes from Second Hand Rose. A little bit of a different post today - very interesting!

Finding Mr Right 1920's style: Be prepared to get your Bunsen Burner out.

First let me start with a huge thank you to the lovely Katie for letting me do a guest post on her blog. Katie, I will happily give you a big squeeze and a triple pack of Maryland Cookies! I blog over at Second Hand Rose which I would love for you all to check out, even if it is just to look at funny pictures of my cat.

I am a lover of everything vintage, from clothes to music and how people used to live. I love learning about those old times when your Grandma was doing her hair in rags and boogying to the wireless, what people did before curlers and TVs, I do not know.

People's day to day life in different eras really fascinates me, especially the tips people used to be given on subjects such as dating,there was no Cosmopolitan in those days.

Recently an article from a 1924 edition of Science and Invention magazine has been discovered. The article gives some bizarre methods on how to test a couple's compatibility, so if you are wondering whether you've found Mr Darcy or not, then you may want to try out these techniques.

These so called 'basic' tests consist of four unusual experiments, including the body odour test, the nervous disorder tst, the sympathy test and the physcial attraction test. Now beat that

In the body odour test one person should place themselves in a large capsule with a hose attached and then their partner takes a big sniff of the smell. If it is not found 'too objectionable' then the match is 'safe'. This sounds as bad as smelling you man's feet. Warning: This test may make you rush to Boots to buy them some deodorant. Thank god for 3 for 2 offers.

The aim of the nervous disorder test is to find out whether at least one half of the couple can be calm under pressure. The test imagines a man shooting a gun into the air with the reactions from you and your partner recorded. If both of you pee your pants and run screaming to the biscuit tin, then apparently you shouldn't get married.

The sympathy test is done to find out whether a husband or wife is sympathetic to their partner when they are in pain. One of you must watch your partner go through something mildly traumatic, such as giving blood.

In my opinion finding the ASOS dress your desperately wanted out of stock, or your man watching England lose to the football is equally traumatic. Whoever is watching the test has their heart rate and breathing measured. If the rates increase then they are thought to be a 'sufficiently sympathetic partner'. What this test does not take into account is 'sympathy' and transformation into Florence Nightingale us ladies have to go through when our poor darling has man flu. 

The final test is the physical attraction test and according to the magazine it is the most important factor in any marriage. Well who really wants to be stuck with a Sideshow Bob lookalike the rest of their lives? I'd have Rock Hudson over him any day.

The test is done by measuring the couple's pulse and breathing rate when they embrace. If both heart rates increase when they hug or kiss, this is then 'scientific evidence' of attraction. Your man jumping on you even when Top Gear is on might be a sign as well.

The magazine says that the tests are vital for establishing a happy relationship and for finding out if a couple should have children together. It says 'We take extreme care in breeding horses, dogs and cats, but when we come to ourselves we are extremely careless and do not use out heads nor the means that science puts in our hands for scientific breeding.' Um ok, these tests sound interesting, but charm, a sense of humour and kindness does it for me, I don't know abut you ladies. Obviously muscly arms and a six pack is a pretty big bonus too.


Wow, I'm glad I'm married! A big thank you to Second Hand Rose, Would you go to these extremes for dating?!

Katie xx


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  1. I enjoyed reading this! It sounds exactly the sort of thing mine would go for...good job he isn't a blogger! xx


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