Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dance like no one's watching.

I'm currently sat in the library at uni, where I have been for the majority of the day. Who knew you could get so much work/reading that needed starting in the second week of term? Don't get me wrong I love my course, and I'm really enjoying reading up on lecture notes, just I get here so early in the mornings it makes the day very long.
Tuesday's are especially long, as I have decided to join dance classes. I am super excied about this but dance doesn't start until 6pm so I've got a little waiting around to do. Usually it's not too bad cos I don't finish til 4, but today was an exception and we finished at 1pm. It's not worth me going home to come back, so I booked a gym induction, which lasted about 10 mins!! So i'm counting down the minutes until I can go dance.
I haven't danced in so long (not including Zumba), and I'm pretty nervous about how rubbish I'll have become over my dancing break. But I'm sure there will be people far worse off than me. We had a little meet up last week in prep for classes to start, hopefully I will make some friends outside my course. Sometimes it's nice to get to know other people too, with other interests.
That's enough of me rambling, sorry for a pretty boring post - I had photos on my camera - then left it at home, oops.
Does anyone go to any clubs/teams at uni?
Katie xx



  1. Oh that sounds fun! What kind of dancing is it? I am quite rubbish at dancing, think I'll just stick to my zumba :P I have done pole dancing but it isn't as graceful and creative as normal dancing, well not at the start anyway, you're just concentrating on not falling and trying to ignore how much pain youre in lol! xx

  2. I think that as long as you do what you like, the time is not a problem! :) Especially when it comes to creative things! xx


  3. im studying dance at uni, and there are people on my course who have had a break for whatever reason (having babies,gap years etc) and they fitted in fine, so I'm sure you'll have no problem :)
    i hope you enjoy it!



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