Saturday, 15 September 2012

Class of 2015.

I survived my first week at uni. I hate the first week, cos you aren't in a proper routine or actually learning. The start of 'real' lectures, begins next week and trust me they aren't easing us in lightly. My first assignment is due in, in a months time. However, I am so excited to begin and get my brain working, as its had a rest this last year whilst I've been working.

I made new friends too, which is fab. I've obviously made friends at uni before, but one was my now husband, so we spent pretty much every second together. Then my foundation degree was at a college 120 miles away, the people I knew have all moved on, as have I. It's nice to have a fresh start and meet people that have the same interests with you, and one thing I have noticed that UCLan encourage is reminding us we are not in competition with each other and encourage to support everyone.

I've been a bit of a geek already, and printed off thousands of lecture notes and the module handbook, I've even got books out of the library. I am determined to work hard and put a million percent in, and cos out with the best grade I can. I'm so raring to go.

I hope all those starting this week or next are as excited as I am. These next three years are going to be tough, exciting, very quick but mostly very rewarding.

 So here's to the Class of 2015, good luck and enjoy.

Katie xx



  1. Good luck! I start uni next year, I feel nowhere near as grown up as I ought to be... :')

  2. I've just finished my first week too! Hate intro lectures haha :) best of luck, fellow class of 2015-er! x

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  3. Good luck and enjoy - student years always go way too fast!


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