Thursday, 6 September 2012

£50 budget? A walk in the park.

I'm sure you've all heard about Fashion Vouchers holding a Boohoo competition. And if you haven't, you need to get on board. The competition is to design an outfit, from Boohoo's website for £50 or under. It's surprisingly good fun cos you can get a lot for £50 from Boohoo!

So here is my entry..


Necklace/collar - £12
Purse - £3 (sale)
Leggings - £6 (sale)
Jumper - £20
Belt - £8

Outfit total - £49

I wanted to go for something that was very 'me', so I mixed up so very current trends - military/studs/gothic chic. I absolutely adore the statement collar, but my favourite piece has to be the jumper - A girl can never have too much camo print in her wardrobe! Hurry up spending ban so I can add this baby to my collection!

Katie xx


  1. I love the look you've put together and you do get a lot for that price at Boohoo. I'm not very good with spending bands lol


  2. that outfit is AWESOME! That s a lot of stuff for 50 quids!

    Great blog! I'm now following xxx

  3. Beautiful items! Love the studs! X

  4. I've tried doing this but everytime I find something I find something else I love ha!

    Lovely Blog

    Charlotte Xx

  5. Ohh! I'm going to try this. I love the outfit you've put together! Those leggings are very daring! Might not look great on my short legs hehe! Lovely blog, I'd love you to check mine out too, keep in touch with me, B x

  6. I love this outfit you put together! It's gorgeous :D

    The leggings and the shoes....Yummm!!!



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