Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Around the world in 80 days.

I just wanted to share with you a brand I've fallen in love with - The Pretty Junk. Okay, so if you've never been to their website you MUST go, now! Anyone looking for quirkey, edgey clothing and an up-to-date wardrobe, you should certainly be checking them out.

The pretty junk, is like what Urban Outfitters, Ark and little DIY would look like if they got together and had babies. I think the entire blogging world is going mad for tie-dye, skulls and studs at the moment and this website have certainly clicked on. It is pretty much, to quote their website, 'a one-stop shop'.

 How cute are these?! I love that they are vintage CK's and have been reworked into something completely different. I don't know about you, but to me these have a real 90's feel, When I was growing up these yellow smiley faces were everywhere, everyone loves a bit of nostalgia!

 DIP DYE, DIP DYE, DIP DYE!! Too much love for this trend. If it was possible my wardrobe would be packed full of vest like this! I'm desperate to do my own, but I can't find a vegetarian clothes dye, so for now I will have to let someone else do it for me. This is actually a PJ top, but to be honest I would wear it over a pair of leggings and no one would be any the wiser. Plus it comes in at a measly £16 - you can't grumble at that.

Right, so I NEED the entire outfit. Cropped bralet, high-waisted vintage shorts and a kimono - come onnnn fashion does not get better than this?! I've really taken to this Japanese-esk trend that is creeping in at the moment, it's kinda making me wanna travel the world. I love that this kimono could be worn dressed down like this, or would look fab over a cheeky LBD with some killer heels - perfect for an Autumn evening!

There's some of my fav's but there is so much more to love. In 98 days (not that I'm counting), when the spending ban is over - The Pretty Junk will be at the top of my list for Winter clothes. I think it's about time we saw a little more quirkyness for a reasonable price!

Katie xx


  1. Good morning Katie,
    I'm off to go and have a look at this right now!
    I know what you mean about the smiley faces, they came on EVERYTHING.
    Speak soon,

  2. Never heard of this website before going to have a nosey on it now thanks! :) xx

  3. Those shorts are too cute! Off to have a stalk of the website now! Thanks! :D


  4. What a fab site.....quality find..thanks for that!!
    New Follower by the way xx

  5. OH MY! absolutely in love with the white/pink dip dye top and kimono!!! Def giving this shop a visit! xoxo AVS


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