Monday, 24 September 2012

100 Day Challenge; Weekly Wishlist 3.

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So I've survived another week without spending. This week has gone so fast, I wouldn't have had time to buy anything, even if I was allowed!

As promised, I am continuing with my weekly wishlists, focusing on a particular brand. And this week it's Ted's turn. I have so much love Ted Baker, I could literally spend hours looking at the clothes and decided what I would buy - had I won the lottery. Okay, it's not that expensive, but still I am a poor, poor student.

I am desperate for one of these plastic tote bags, I oogle over them every time a new design comes out. My latest favourite is the dog (obviously) but the only down side is, it has a glitter bow that sticks out - which I'm not loving so much. Never the less I still want it. And the yellow shorts - I tried these on when I went for a personal shop, they are beautiful and unbelievably flattering.

It's pretty hard to see the detail on some of these clothes, the blue shirt is again, dogs and the white shirt in the bottom corner is little gold studs - perfection. I love the patterns and detailing on Ted Baker clothing. I also love that it translates from coats, to trousers, to bags - so you could literally match your entire wardrobe.

Lastly, can we focus on this dress (the one next to the bag). I saw this in the Trafford Centre last week, I'm convinced if I wasn't already married, this would have been my wedding dress. It is the most beautiful, lacy, puff bally dress ever. But it is extremely heavy! I think it has about 20 underskirts. I NEED.

Happy miserable Monday!

Katie xx


  1. I couldn't do this challenge, I wouldn't last a week! I love your weekly wish list btw x

  2. Lovely items!! That ring is really cute aww!
    Don't give up, it's hard not to spend money, but you can do it! I believe in you!


  3. Oh my that white dress is PERFECTION!!!!! I love your blog, you got yourself a new follower! xx

  4. Oh my gosh that dress is perfect, I'd totally get married in that! xo

  5. I love your wish list! It contains such beautiful pieces and I love all the bright colours! The blue shirt is my favourite! XxxX


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