Sunday, 12 August 2012

Yes to clear skin.

You know I'm all for a natural product, so when I started seeing this baby popping up all over the blogesphere I HAD to get my hands on some. I generally use Lush's Tea Tree Water to finish of my face cleaning on a morning and evening, but it is quite drying so it's nice to give my skin a break every now and again. I managed to pick up my new cleanser from a little health shop in Tesco, I was so excited cos I'd only seen it online, so of course I had to buy it there and then.

Yes to is a brand I am becoming more familiar with, and the more I hear the more I like it. According to Feel Unique's website;

"Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Daily Clarifying Cleanser maintains your skin's pH balance while removing excess oils and impurities, purifying and refreshing your beautiful complexion."

This cleanser is also paraben free and 96% natural, which makes the brand a real winner in my eyes.

I picked up the Tomatoes cleanser for 'spot prone' skin, because that is my skin type. But they do cater for all skin types with Yes to Cucumber, Carrots and Bluberries, all tailored for specific types of skin.

So what's the cleanser actually like? I really like it, you apply to wet skin and rinse just as with any cleanser. It leaves your skin feeling tightened and refreshed. The cleanser has a strange smell, not an unpleasant smell but strange. Kind of a clean smell, is the only way I can think to describe it, but it doesn't smell like tomatoes!

It is a clear cleanser, with a gel consistency. This surprised me a little with it having tomatoes in, I expected it to be at least a pinky colour! The cleanser also has other yummy things in;

"Key ingredients:
- Organic Tomatoes contain Lycopene which is a potent antioxidant found in red fruits and vegetables. Its anti-inflammatory properties encourage a balanced and clearer complexion whilst the vitamins are useful in the control of sebum secretion. 
- Red Tea contain excellent antioxidants, great for keeping your skin clear and healthy. 
- Watermelons hydrate skin and contain natural fruity acids to naturally exfoliate and cleanse combination skin. 

Also includes: Red Tea Leaf Extract."
There is an entire range of skin care from this brand, including wipes, mosturisers, facial masks, eye gels etc. but they also do shampoos and conditioner, which I also dying to try!

Overall, this is a gorgeous cleanser, really refreshing and makes my skin feel lovely and clear. And on the spot front - so far so good!

Have you tried any of the other range?

Katie xx



  1. I really want to try this out, it sounds like I have similar skin to you, and I've heard lots about this brand :) Great review x

  2. This line of products sound really interesting, and I've just run out of my cleanser, so I might give this is a go!

    Bex x

  3. Great review... I'm so glad this product is not a disappointment :) x

  4. Oh wow this sounds fab! I didn't know tomatoes were ever used in spot related products :-) Great review xxx


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