Sunday, 5 August 2012

We are the champions.

Is everyone loving the Olympics as much as me?! It has been so exciting since the end of the first week! I've only caught snippets of must of the events, but yesterday me and the hubby had a very exciting Olympic filled day!

We applied for lots of tickets, but unfortunately didn't get any, so I've been pretty peed off when I've seen there are empty seats for events that we wanted to say. But nevertheless we did manage to buy some football tickets, so I can say I officially went to the London 2012 Olympics, even if it was at Old Trafford! 

We went to see the men's quarter final yesterday, we booked this cos we saw Spain and Brazil were in the group and thought we were bound to see one of them, however we ended up watching Japan v Egypt! It was still an amazing atmosphere, and they put the rowing on the big screens just as we won gold and all 72,000 football spectators were clapping, screaming and chanting.

Then super Saturday continued with lots more gold medals. How amazing is Jessica Ennis, by the way what an inspiration. These athlete really deserve the medals they are winning, I can't imagine the amount of hard work and training that goes in, you would need unbelievable amounts of dedication and Jessica was under so much pressure and still came out on top.

But I've got to say the tennis has been the most exciting for me. Although I didn't manage to see Andy Murray win gold, we were constantly flicking on the results at work this afternoon. He must be so proud of himself for winning a very well deserved medal, then a second in the doubles!

Enough preaching about how excited I am at Team GB, here's some pics of my day at the Olympics!

Me and Hubby outside (I was supporting Egypt)//The teams//
Old Trafford//Japanese celebrating!

Enough of my boringness, back to watching the athletics!

Katie xx

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  1. You're so lucky to be able to go! I've watched a bit on TV and the atmosphere would be great, I reckon. It's so addictive to watch, even sports I don't have any interest in usually haha. :)
    - Rhiannon


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