Sunday, 26 August 2012

The brand that changed my life - Genius.

I've told you about my food issues before, by that I mean the majority of food doesn't agree with my body. This, as you can imagine, can make food shopping very expensive and difficult. I have IBS that is triggered by a wheat intolorence and I am also vegetarian which most of you already know!

Finding food without wheat is pretty hard, especially when all I want is a sandwich for my dinner at work! I would say my diet has probably got worse since being diagnosed, I eat my sweets and chocolate to fill the gap that is missing from the majority of carbs I can't stomach (pardon the pun!).

I have tried out most free-from brands, to be honest I'm not a fan of supermarket own brand stuff, the bread is very cardboardy. And to be honest some of the brands that specialise in free-from aren't that great - Dietary Specials really hasn't impressed me. Warburton's free-from range is still growing, which is fab news, they have just introduced muffins, which are actually quite yummy, plus it tends to be about 50p cheaper than my favourite brand.

Just to clear up, I have not been asked to review this brand, I just wanted to share with those maybe suffering with the same symptoms as me and that want to try the gluten/wheat free diet. Genius is by far my favourite free-from brand. They do a whole range of foods from bread to pancakes. Everything I've tried from this range, I've really enjoyed and they are unbelievably like the 'real' thing. My latest love from the Genius range are their croissants! I managed to pick two up for 89p in Tesco as they were short dated (this is the best time to get hold of this stuff as it freezes really well!).

It looks like a 'proper' croissant and tastes really yummy too. They are very buttery and cook really well in the oven, nice and crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. I would without a doubt buy these again, along with the majority of the range. They go amazingly well with this spread!

This was also a bargain, I've seen this in Holland & Barrett for over £2 but this cost me 49p from Home Bargains (I LOVE that shop!!).

I originally was advised to cut out all types of gluten, but since then I have discovered it is wheat gluten that disagrees with me. Although I will never feel 100% this has improved my quality of life (I know it sounds dramatic, but if you suffer with IBS you will know how much it can take over you life). So if your suffering from stomach pains, bloating, wind, nausea or toilet troubles, try going wheat free for a week or so, I promise you will notice the difference. And best of all there is no medication involved!

Katie xx


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  1. Great post! I'm an ibs sufferer too and it really does control my life. I've had tests done and apparently have no Intolerances which is kinda frustrating as I can't control it or just cut something out. I was thinking abut giving up gluten and wheat but it seems so hard! I might have to give it a go for a short time after reading your post though. I was also vegetarian for over 9 years and found that since eating meat I've had way more problems! P.s that croissant looks lovely! Thanks for writing a post about ibs, I'm far too embarrassed abut doing one on my blog! X


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