Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Take me to the disco.

I think the world and it's dog have been lusting after AA Disco Pants this summer. Although they have been knocking about for some time now, I've been seeing more and more of them over the last few months. It's fair to say they have become somewhat of a phenomenum, with their tight material that hugs you in all the right places, and can make the tiniest of people look at least 6ft tall. And I, along with everyone else, have been sucked into the wonderment of Disco Pants.

I so desperately want a 'real' pair, but I just simply can't justify that amount of money on leggings, so to speak. I've seen a few good looky-likeies creeping into the shops, and I have no doubt that Primark will soon cling onto the trend and bring out their version of the infamous Disco Pant. As I've just sold some stuff on Ebay I thought I would take a little peak at what they had to offer on the DP front.

I was actually pleasantly surprised, and managed to find some that I would like to try for a very reasonable price. So of course I ordered on the spot!

I know they aren't a perfect replica, but they are fab for £6.89 + P&P. I got mine from this Ebay seller.  The really remind me of dancing leggings, in fact I guess they could be used for dancing! They are lovely and comfy, the only downside is they are really vague sizes so these are slightly too big for me so they don't quite 'squeeze' you in as much as the actual DP do.

If you are short of a penny and really want a cool, Disco Pant dupe give these a whirl.

Katie xx


  1. They look lovely :) Glamorous and Pull & Bear do some good dupes too xx

  2. Great find! Got to love eBay! Xx


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