Monday, 6 August 2012

Sticks and stones may break my bones.

I haven't been to Matalan for so long. The one in Wigan is pretty shocking so I don't bother wasting my time. But after seeing it mentioned a few times on the blogeshere I had such an urge to go, so I popped to the Bolton store and I was not disappointed.

I really think Matalan has a good variety for every age group, they have some really fab up-to-date fashion plus some lovely clothes for older women and a good kids section! I initially went in to check out the sale as I'd heard the stuff had been reduced again. The selection was fab, and the sale prices were really good, most things are under £10 and have been reduced at least twice.

I got this gorgeous chiffon-y shirt/top thing, it's a lovely neutral colour that will look fab with leggings or skinnies. Plus it was reduced from £16 to just £6!

And these shoesss. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them both. So these weren't in the sale, so I've kinda cheated but they were pretty cheap so I thought I could stretch to adding them to my basket. I also told the hubby I would throw some of my old pairs do they obviously needed replacing..

The stud detail on the Vans-esk shoes is such good quality considering they were a mere £14. The second pair are really cute low flatforms, which are fab for me as I can't walk for the life of me in normal flatforms. Plus they add an inch to my tiny 5"2!, and these were only a Tenner!

My love for Matalan has certainly returned, it's just a shame my purse doesn't appreciate it so much.

Katie xx


  1. <<33 all you're boys, especially the studded flats!

  2. those studded shoes are amazinggggg!


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