Thursday, 23 August 2012

Rabbit love.

I seem to have a growing love for Ebay. I've started buying a lot more stuff online, and Ebay seems to be the best place to do that. I actually won my first ever bidding item the other day, as I usually chicken out and only search buy it now! Any who this is my latest purchase from the online world.

How lovely is this?! You all know my love for animals, rabbit's in particular and this is just so cute! I haven't worn it yet, but I can't wait to add this accessory to my wardrobe! I bought it from this seller, for a whole £2.40, worth every penny!

Just a quick question guys, I told you earlier in the year I was thinking of getting another tattoo. Well I think i'm going to get one September/October time. I showed you the photos of butterflies that I thought I wanted, but I've kinda changed my mind. I now want a rabbit - I have logic to this, I have so much love for these animals (bork!), the rabbit also symbolise's lots of different things, the white rabbit bringing luck.

Image from google

Something like this, but on my inner ankle, what do you think?

Katie xx


  1. ahh yes, such a cute idea. deffo go for it! x

  2. Now knowing you love rabbits makes me love your blog even more! I've two of my own and I dote on them.
    Is it a brooch? It's seriously cute, may have to go get me one - I seem to have a growing obsession with anything fashion featuring rabbits.
    You sound like me though, I always used to chicken out of bidding and go for buy it now, but now it's a kind of rush haha. I won myself (conveniently) a rabbit skirt for £2.60 originally from Miss Selfridge.

    I really want a rabbit tattoo as well. xx

  3. bunnies are cute! love the post
    i blog at
    follow if you like and i will follow back!!
    also have a look at these cute clothes! i love them!!

  4. I think that tattoo idea is so cute! What tattoo do you already have? :) xx

    1. I have a heart on my forearm and writing in between my shoulder blades :) x


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