Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Petrol burns.

I've had the pooiest afternoon. Okay well it wasn't THAT bad but yet still quite bad. I spilt petrol all over me. I don't just mean a little tipple on my shoes, I mean the petrol backfired and literally drenched me from the bra line down. For the record, petrol burns.

Just wanted to show off this cute shirt I bought from Forever 21 the other day. I got it out the sale which was buy one get one free at the time, so this was a right bargain!

I love the colour of the strips on this shirt, they really compliment my pale skin tone! I liked this immediately with the mix and match of vertical and horizontal stripes and the cute button details.

This shirt was £11.99 but this was also the most expensive of my sale buys so I got another shirt for free! I love Forever 21.

Katie xx


  1. I awarded you for the Liebster award xx

  2. Love the shirt... Gorgeous!!!
    Sorry about the petrol incident... I do love the smell of petrol tho... Hehe. ;) x


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