Thursday, 9 August 2012

One's to watch.

Thought I would jump on the band wagon and show you some of my newest favourite reads. I love reading other peoples posts about this kind of thing and it's a fab way to find new blogs to follow!

Sam from Sugar Sweet monster posts lovely photos with gorgeous outfits! I love this blog cos it's written in a really friendly, down to earth way and gives you a lovely insight to Sam's world. Click on the title above my photo to go straight to Sam's blog!

Lindsay writes a fab blog. Her photos are so crisp and stylish and look very professional. Lindsay has recently been to America and she has some AMAZING pics that will make you very jealous on her posts. Also she has beautiful hair!

I really like Lilla's blog cos she has very different posts, from underwear love to beauty reviews. I love the fact that Lilla writes about things people would like to read. She has even done a restaurant review, I think we all need a food photo in our lives!

Abbie has a lovely mixture of beauty and fashion reviews, along with some lovely photos. Her reviews are really in depth, which is fab if you're umming and ahhring about whether to buy a product or not. This lady puts together some gorgeous outfits and shares them with us, get some inspiration!

Leave me a comment and I may include you in my 'One's to watch' next time!

Katie xx



  1. Thanks for the mention lovely! xxx

  2. This is a lovely kind of post! I will look at these blogs now :) x

  3. Im always looking for new blogs to follow, thanks xxx

  4. Love these type of posts as I love looking at new blogs

  5. Love to hear about blogs people recommend! Always interested to find more to follow- just discovered yours and really like it :) xx

  6. surprised I haven't heard any of these :( but gald you mentioned them!

  7. Thanks so much for the mention lovely! Made me smile this morning :) xxx

  8. Thank you for the mention beaut! It really gives me a boost when I read lovely things like this.

    Lindsey. x


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