Sunday, 19 August 2012

In her shadow, is it me you see.

Ebay wants

Just a few wants I'm lusting after on Ebay. 
I've kinda cheated here - The scarf I just won, for a whole 50p!! I love the stripy look and it looks really big from the photos.
There are so many cute pieces of jewellery on Ebay, I would have ordered this, as it's only 99p, but I just ordered lots of bling yesterday, so I will wait a bit, before another splurge.
Lovely top, with cute detail.
How fab is this bag? I love maps, they fascinate me, I think I will ordering this ready for uni!
I'm currently bidding on this DVD, I've seen reviews and quotes from this film, but never seen it. It looks like one of those films you HAVE to see, even if it's rubbish.
Finally, Snow White - I think that is all that needs to be said!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, I am currently in London town, hopefully in the sun!

Katie xx


  1. I love that peplum black shirt too cute..xoxo
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