Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hayfever hatred.

Okay, probably one of my most random posts to date, I just need to share the thing that gets me through the summer. Benedryl Allergy Relief.

I was under the illusion that Benedryl only did on variety and it was the same as others I had bought before. The supermarkets own brand and any other well-know allergy relief just don't cut it with me. To be fair, my body has quite a lot to deal with, i'm asthmatic, allergic to most animal fur (I know I work at Pets at Home..), woodshavings set me off and I also have Hayfever! I have literally tried everything, prescription and non-prescription.

My manager told me to give these a bash, you can take up to three a day so they are quite pricey at nearly £4 for 12 tablets, but they WORK! The ingredient is Acrivastine which is obviously an antihistamine, I'd never heard of it before, and to be honest I don't think my doctor had until I asked if I could get some on prescription. You can buy this over the counter but if your GP is good to you they will give you a fair few months worth for the price of a prescription!

If you're struggling this summer, give these a whirl. Make sure you pick up the right Benedryl though, these are a capsule rather than tablet.

Katie xx



  1. These sound like they could be just what I need! I'm the same, literally everything sets me off. My cat, my hamsters woodshavings, dust, grass, even sometimes when I've put a moisturiser on my face I start sneezing if its slightly perfumed! Crazy.

    Thank you for sharing! A trip to the doctors needed I think :)

    Laura xx

  2. Ugh, hayfever is horrible. I get it really, really badly in the summer. It's crazy.
    - Rhiannon


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