Friday, 31 August 2012

Gingerbread lady.

I'm sure you've heard of Oasap floating around the Blogesphere. And if you haven't where have you been?! For those who are unsure, Oasap is an online fashion retailer, which is fairly new to the world, being founded late last year. Since then (with the help of us Bloggers!) it has become a fab place to online shop and lust after goodies!!

One AMAZING thing about Oasap is that they deliver free worldwide, so although you are ordering from the US, there are no P&P fees, cool or what?! This is a huge bonus for me cos you all know how much it pains me to pay for postage. It does obviously take longer to arrive coming from the other side of the pond but there customer service is fab and let me know there was delays due to the Olympics/Paralympics. (By the way, anyone see the wheelchair basketball yesterday, those players are unbelievable!).

Tshirt - Oasap*

Firstly, my parcel arrived about 10-12days after I ordered it, which I thought was pretty swiftish considering the delays. It came very well packaged and they sent a cute tote alongside my tee.

Of course, I picked an animal motif item, with a bunny on - but what else would you expect from me! The tee is really good quality and has a bit of sparkle around the bunnies neck, which I thought was a nice touch!

I was a little worried, as the top only came as 'one size' and I'm a midget, but actual it looks fab oversized, with leggings. I was going to try it with high waisted shorts but I didn't want to ruin the motif and chop of the bunnies nose!

The clothing is really reasonably priced, make sure you do a conversion from dollars then you get a better idea of how much stuff is! The website has new stuff all the time, I'm really excited to see there winter collection so I can write my Christmas list!

While I'm here, just wanted to show you my hair..

Yey, I'm getting more ginge! I'm nearly at the colour I'm after. I found a fab new hairdresser, Sam is really friendly, very professional and gives you ideas for things you wouldn't usually try. She also actually listens to you instead of doing what she thinks you want. I had a full colour, wash and blow dry and a bleach bath (to lighten) for £35! Bargain. So if anyone needs a hairdresser in the Wigan/Leigh/Bolton area leave me a comment with you email!

Katie xx


  1. What a gorgeous top! Bunny!

    I love so much on OASAP and the free delivery from the other side of the waters is amazing. P&P kills me too. xx

  2. Cute top!

    visit my blog at :-)

  3. Oh what a cute shirt! Looks great on you:)




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