Monday, 20 August 2012

Falling doesn't hurt, but landing does.

I'm backkk, unfortunately. We had am AMAZING time in LDN. It was 35 degrees while we were there, which was very much welcomed after the poor attempt of a summer that the North West is having. Despite it being really humid we managed to get around a lot more things than we originally planned, which was fab. Plus the stuff that we wanted to do like museums etc. can be done when it's rainy, so that means we HAVE to have another trip!

I won't bore you with all the details or a step by step itinerary of out visit, but I will share some photos with you.

Pimm's o'clock - Covent Garden//Amazing graffiti - Embankment//London Eye
//Swarovski Crystal M&M Coat - M&M World//M&M's - Hyde Park//
Soilders - Harrod's

We did so much considering we were only there two days, I really didn't want to come home! If you live in or around Manchester you really need to go to London on the train, it only takes 2 hours! It cost me a whole £35 return from Wigan, bargain! 

I'm already planning our next visit!

Katie xx



  1. To be honest, the weather makes London so much nicer when it's sunny :) Really does! Awesome photos x

  2. Great photos, I love London! x

  3. Looks like you had a great time :) xo

  4. how fun!! were you also there for the olympics? thanks for sharing your lovely pics :)

    {style + travel blog}

    1. Unfortunately we didn't get tickets to see the Olympics in London, although I would have LOVED too! x


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