Friday, 10 August 2012

Fake it, don't bake it.

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I'm really excited about this post, I've been waiting to do a review on my St Tropez gradual tan for a few days, but obviously needed to use the product and see the results first!

To be honest, I was always under the illusion that St Tropez was a high end brand that wasn't in my price range. I only really started tanning regularly about 3 months ago, I wanted to lighten my hair colour, and this always washes me out so faking it always came in handy. Using fake tan nearly every day meant I've had to experiement with which types of tan I like (gradual or instant) and which brands I want to go for.

I've always gone for own brands in drug stores, mainly cos they have always been cheaper and you seem to get more product for your money. I bought a instant bronzer from Boots about 6 months ago and have used that quite a lot, but after doing some research realised Boots aren't completely animal friendly, so I needed somewhere else to turn. Of course, trusty Superdrug came to the rescue and I invested in a bronzing gel. Urgh. I dislike this very much, I don't usually have anything negative to say about Superdrug's products but this has a really strong smell, an orangey-tindge and doesn't last long.

So this brings me to the here and now. I set out on a mission the other day after to googling which fake tan's were animal friendly. St Tropez and Fake Bake stood out, so off I went in search of the perfect tan. St Tropez was on offer and was fab value for money, so of course this was the one I went for.

Much like other gradual tans I've tried this tan comes out a white colour and is much like a moisturiser. It definitely helps to keep your skin in nice supple condition and keeps that dry skin at bay, to leave a nice even tan. Again, like most tans this does have a little shimmer after application, however it is very subtle and adds to the holiday skin look.

Now I really want to focus on the smell. My hubby CANNOT stand the smell of most fake tans. I don't mind it so much, but to be fair generally fake tan stinks, kind of buscuitty/sweaty smell, yes?! Any who, as you can see for the back of the bottle St Tropez have invented Aromaguard Fragrance Technology that reduces that pongy smell by up to 70%. Trust me, this smells amazing. It has a really nice sweet smell and I honestly don't think I can smell the 30% that supposedly isn't masked. Hubby even commented on how nice I smelt and said he would try the tan if it didn't have the shimmer, yes I have a metrosexual husband apparently...

Here is my arm (next to my stomach (ghost!!)) after 3 applications over 3 days. I picked up the Light/Medium colour as you can clearly see I have extremely pale skin! This develops into a gorgeous golden tan with no orange undertones at all. I feel very healthy and sun kissed!

This tan is currently £14.39 in Boots, on offer, for 200ml. Compared to other brands this is very reasonable, even their own brand hits around £9.

I will be, without a doubt, be buying from this brand again, very impressed!!

Katie xx

P.S Congrats to Hayley, our giveaway winner, your prize is on it's way!


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  1. I've heard good things about St. Tropez products, but i'm still too scared that I'll just end up streaky and orange.

    Lindsey. x


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