Friday, 17 August 2012

Don't go chasing waterfalls.

Recently I feel like I've put on a bit of weight. By that I mean it's probably a few pounds but still a few pounds I don't want. I can't say my diet has particularly changed much, I tend to eat at least two meals a day, one with a desert. The problem is, I like anyway is fizzy drinks (empty calories) and snacking.

I've tried cutting down snacking, but when I work such unsociable hours, I'm starving at 8am and a chocolate bar is easy food when the vending machine is so tempting at work. I swear when I leave in 12 days!! I will loose about 9 stone.. okay a bit of an exaggeration as I don't actually weigh 9stone but you get the point.

So I'm tackling this head on, I'm cutting out fizzy drinks and making a change, drinking much more water. I've bought plenty of small bottles and we have some flavoured water in the house. Today was day one of my 'water diet', so far so good. I hope that not only will it help me to stay healthy but will also help with my skin!

Fingers crossed, if I can keep up with this water thing, I may have the willpower to stop snacking so much! But for now the water will have to do, my diet is already complicated enough!

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Katie xx


  1. mate, use, theres an app too, i swear by it! also maaxitone sculptress shakes are a good snack n chocka full o' protein :) x

    1. Shakes are also full of milk! Yukky!! It comes from a cows nipple! x

  2. If I'm hungry, I try to drink water first. Usually that satisfies the cravings! :)


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