Wednesday, 22 August 2012

DIY - Men's tee transformed.

Me and the hubby often have wardrobe clear outs, either ebaying out clothes or taking them to the charity shops. He gets bored of clothes nearly as much as I do, so we are always recycling or up-cycling.

This time around I spotted one of his t-shirts that I kinda liked. So I decided to do a pot of DIY and transform the tee.

Pretty self explanatory! I think it looks quite cute, considering it was doomed for the charity shop. It also had a stained collar so doing a little chopping and changing got rid of that and made it much more wearable! I may need to wear a vest top underneath - nothing wrong with a bit of layering!

Katie xx


  1. Ahh i love it! It's amazing how a few snips can completely transform a tee! xo

  2. I love the vest its so cool xx



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