Friday, 31 August 2012

Gingerbread lady.

I'm sure you've heard of Oasap floating around the Blogesphere. And if you haven't where have you been?! For those who are unsure, Oasap is an online fashion retailer, which is fairly new to the world, being founded late last year. Since then (with the help of us Bloggers!) it has become a fab place to online shop and lust after goodies!!

One AMAZING thing about Oasap is that they deliver free worldwide, so although you are ordering from the US, there are no P&P fees, cool or what?! This is a huge bonus for me cos you all know how much it pains me to pay for postage. It does obviously take longer to arrive coming from the other side of the pond but there customer service is fab and let me know there was delays due to the Olympics/Paralympics. (By the way, anyone see the wheelchair basketball yesterday, those players are unbelievable!).

Tshirt - Oasap*

Firstly, my parcel arrived about 10-12days after I ordered it, which I thought was pretty swiftish considering the delays. It came very well packaged and they sent a cute tote alongside my tee.

Of course, I picked an animal motif item, with a bunny on - but what else would you expect from me! The tee is really good quality and has a bit of sparkle around the bunnies neck, which I thought was a nice touch!

I was a little worried, as the top only came as 'one size' and I'm a midget, but actual it looks fab oversized, with leggings. I was going to try it with high waisted shorts but I didn't want to ruin the motif and chop of the bunnies nose!

The clothing is really reasonably priced, make sure you do a conversion from dollars then you get a better idea of how much stuff is! The website has new stuff all the time, I'm really excited to see there winter collection so I can write my Christmas list!

While I'm here, just wanted to show you my hair..

Yey, I'm getting more ginge! I'm nearly at the colour I'm after. I found a fab new hairdresser, Sam is really friendly, very professional and gives you ideas for things you wouldn't usually try. She also actually listens to you instead of doing what she thinks you want. I had a full colour, wash and blow dry and a bleach bath (to lighten) for £35! Bargain. So if anyone needs a hairdresser in the Wigan/Leigh/Bolton area leave me a comment with you email!

Katie xx

Thursday, 30 August 2012

I hate goodbyes. (Photo Heavy)

Yesterday marked the end of an era for me. My time at Pets at Home finally came to an end. After 3 years, 2 months and 8 days it was time for me to leave.

As most of you know I moved across from the North East to the North West last year, along with that move I had to transfer at work. Last September was a very scary and stressful month, but my new team at the Bolton store let me join their family as if I'd always been a part of it. I've made some amazing friends over my time with PAH we've had so many giggles (and a few tears) and plenty of sillyness. I can't wait until Saturday for my leaving do, but I will be extremely sad to say proper goodbyes.

If anyone hasn't heard me rambling on about going back to uni, this is the reason I've had to leave PAH, not cos I just wanted to be lazy! I start my course on 12th September so I've given myself a little break in between to see family and friends. Although I think it has just given me lots of time to blog about being sat at home alone and wishing I'd worked up to the 11th September! So for all of you starting uni next month, here's to a new era..

Baby bunnies//Always love it when someone is leaving!//Mama's dog sporting the PAH uniform//Halloween//Rabbit scratch//Night out//Ferrets from ferret rescue//And finally - Me yesterday covered in porridge and flour (I was pretty prepared and protected my hair!).

Katie xx


Jolie Moi.

Untitled #7

I love discovering new fashion websites, as you all know I have a little obsession with spending ALL of my wages in the first week and being skint for the next three. I really need to get out of that habit..

Anyway I discovered Jolie Moi through another blogger and thought I would take a look. They have some AMAZING clothes, you know I love an animal print and Jolie Moi didn't disappoint. So here are a few of the items I loved. 

The selection of maxi dresses are fab, I really like the uniquesness of this sheer leopard print number. I haven't seen anything like it on the highstreet, it would look fab over a printed tee and shorts. It would also have been perfect for my night out on Saturday but I think I've left it a little late to order now! 

The second maxi dress also has an animal print on, I don't know if you can work it out from this photo but it is cheetah's all dancing around on the fabric. Here is the link for a close up!

Aside from the cute clothing and accessories, the website has on going deals, so is perfect if your on a budget! They have deals of the week which are a range of offers, at the moment there are £10 off, £5 off deals and lots of sale goodies to get your hands on. You can also benefit from 20% of your first order and 15% off fro returning customers. And the best part?! It is very reasonably priced to start with, so pop over and grab yourself a bang on trend bargain!

Katie xx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Meat and Wheat free pie.

I'm trying to get back into baking, so here is another recipe for you;

Meat and Wheat free Bacon and Egg pie

3 eggs, 4 slices of Quorn bacon, tomato ketchup and some gluten free pastry.

Roll pastry out and line the dish.

Cover with ketchup
Cook the bacon and line the dish.

Crack three eggs and place them in the pie. The eggs will cook in the oven.

Cover with a lid, make two holes so it can breath and cook for about 30 mins on 200 degrees.
Easy as that! I wouldn't recommend the D/S gluten free pastry, this was the first time I used it and I think it would be better for sweet rather than savory meals. It's a little dry and stodgy so would make better biscuits. I'm going to try it with Genius pastry next time!

Katie xx

Monday, 27 August 2012


As you know I'm trying to go ginger, my hair is a more reddy brown at the moment but hopefully on Wednesday it will be much more ginge! This means I've had lots of dyes on my hair from the hairdressers so I wanted to give my hair a little TLC when it came to shampooing.

You all know I strive to go cruelty free and I know a few select shops are 'safe', The Body Shop is a bit of a taboo in the Veggie world because they themselves do not test on animals but apparently the company that owns them does?! I'm a little confused to be honest, but as they have a pledge to be cruelty free I shop there every now and again.

Last week I needed some new shampoo/needed to get to swimming before it shut. The body shop was the nearest shop that is Katie-approved so I popped in and picked up this;

Banana Shampoo - £4 250ml

The price of this shampoo I thought was quite reasonable, especially for the quality. This smells AMAZING, so bananarie and good enough to eat. I swear if I were in the jungle my hair would be eaten by monkeys. The consistency is quite thick, which means you only need a little to go a long way, which is good for a tight budget! My only complaint is I wish I had bought the conditioner too! (Which is also £4!)

Katie xx

Sunday, 26 August 2012

The brand that changed my life - Genius.

I've told you about my food issues before, by that I mean the majority of food doesn't agree with my body. This, as you can imagine, can make food shopping very expensive and difficult. I have IBS that is triggered by a wheat intolorence and I am also vegetarian which most of you already know!

Finding food without wheat is pretty hard, especially when all I want is a sandwich for my dinner at work! I would say my diet has probably got worse since being diagnosed, I eat my sweets and chocolate to fill the gap that is missing from the majority of carbs I can't stomach (pardon the pun!).

I have tried out most free-from brands, to be honest I'm not a fan of supermarket own brand stuff, the bread is very cardboardy. And to be honest some of the brands that specialise in free-from aren't that great - Dietary Specials really hasn't impressed me. Warburton's free-from range is still growing, which is fab news, they have just introduced muffins, which are actually quite yummy, plus it tends to be about 50p cheaper than my favourite brand.

Just to clear up, I have not been asked to review this brand, I just wanted to share with those maybe suffering with the same symptoms as me and that want to try the gluten/wheat free diet. Genius is by far my favourite free-from brand. They do a whole range of foods from bread to pancakes. Everything I've tried from this range, I've really enjoyed and they are unbelievably like the 'real' thing. My latest love from the Genius range are their croissants! I managed to pick two up for 89p in Tesco as they were short dated (this is the best time to get hold of this stuff as it freezes really well!).

It looks like a 'proper' croissant and tastes really yummy too. They are very buttery and cook really well in the oven, nice and crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. I would without a doubt buy these again, along with the majority of the range. They go amazingly well with this spread!

This was also a bargain, I've seen this in Holland & Barrett for over £2 but this cost me 49p from Home Bargains (I LOVE that shop!!).

I originally was advised to cut out all types of gluten, but since then I have discovered it is wheat gluten that disagrees with me. Although I will never feel 100% this has improved my quality of life (I know it sounds dramatic, but if you suffer with IBS you will know how much it can take over you life). So if your suffering from stomach pains, bloating, wind, nausea or toilet troubles, try going wheat free for a week or so, I promise you will notice the difference. And best of all there is no medication involved!

Katie xx


Saturday, 25 August 2012

One's to watch; 2.

These are one of my favourite type of posts to do, I love seeing others sharing their newly found favourite blogs and I love sharing mine! Here are a few of my fav's I've recently discovered.

Blondie xo

Sarah over at is a gorgeous lady, with lots of different posts, to keep you on your toes! I love the style Sarah uses to write her posts, she's really chatty and gets you involved. Go check her blog out!

Big hair bigger heels

I absolutely love the style of this fab blog from Allie. This is a really young blog but I'm loving the posts already, this has joined my must reads! Allie's blog -

Make up.Etc

I found this lovely lady on Twitter, when she was searching for bloggers that strive for cruelty free products, which meant I would instantly like this blog. I love the way Louise states whether the product is cruelty free or not, it's really helpful when deciding on a product! Catch Louise here;

The Big Burd

I love Jennifer's blog cos she shares all aspects of her life with us. I recently read a post about an interview Jennifer had, that didn't quite live up to it;s expectations. It's lovely to see a different post about something everyone can relate to. Take a look -

Do you know of any blogs I need to discover?

Katie xx

Friday, 24 August 2012

Turn back time.

I'm forever seeing things that I love or want, be it in magazines or a random leaflet or those free postcards you find here, there and everywhere. I've gotten into a habit of just photographing things in magazines that I like or that have inspired me and then uploading them on here and they get lost somewhere in my many picture folders. I took two on my way to London last week, they were out of a magazine (possibly Marie Claire?!), I just loved the style and ideas for hair I had to take document the moment.

How amazing is that gorgeous pastel pink hair! I was fascinated by this Hair Haberdashery from Kevin Murphy. So there you see, I like to take photos or collect random leaflets of things I like so I don't forget about them, but the hubby does get annoyed when there are pieces of paper everywhere!

This brings me to the point of this post. I've turned back time and gone old school, and started a scrapbook. I think everyone at some point has started a scrapbook, I used to have one that I did religiously with my Mum that was purely postcards of places we'd been when I was little. I still have that somewhere...But now I'm a big girl, I've started my own of a mixture of everything.

And here it is! As you can see I haven't got to much in it yet, but it's a start. I'm excited to see how it develops over however long it takes to fill! Does anyone else have a scrapbook?!

One last thing, I really want a penpal -  I know this is geeky, but I think it would be a fab way of getting to know someone plus a great thing to blog about, so if anyone is interested leave me a comment with your Twitter name or Facebook and I will DM you!

Katie xx

P.S as you can see I just realised I could change the size of my photos..dosey...

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Rabbit love.

I seem to have a growing love for Ebay. I've started buying a lot more stuff online, and Ebay seems to be the best place to do that. I actually won my first ever bidding item the other day, as I usually chicken out and only search buy it now! Any who this is my latest purchase from the online world.

How lovely is this?! You all know my love for animals, rabbit's in particular and this is just so cute! I haven't worn it yet, but I can't wait to add this accessory to my wardrobe! I bought it from this seller, for a whole £2.40, worth every penny!

Just a quick question guys, I told you earlier in the year I was thinking of getting another tattoo. Well I think i'm going to get one September/October time. I showed you the photos of butterflies that I thought I wanted, but I've kinda changed my mind. I now want a rabbit - I have logic to this, I have so much love for these animals (bork!), the rabbit also symbolise's lots of different things, the white rabbit bringing luck.

Image from google

Something like this, but on my inner ankle, what do you think?

Katie xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

DIY - Men's tee transformed.

Me and the hubby often have wardrobe clear outs, either ebaying out clothes or taking them to the charity shops. He gets bored of clothes nearly as much as I do, so we are always recycling or up-cycling.

This time around I spotted one of his t-shirts that I kinda liked. So I decided to do a pot of DIY and transform the tee.

Pretty self explanatory! I think it looks quite cute, considering it was doomed for the charity shop. It also had a stained collar so doing a little chopping and changing got rid of that and made it much more wearable! I may need to wear a vest top underneath - nothing wrong with a bit of layering!

Katie xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Guide me home.

Just wanted to show off this beautiful bra I got from Harrods. Yes I maybe did just want to buy something from Harrods but I fell in love with this beauty so I obviously couldn't leave London without it.

Elle McPherson Intimates - £36

I've moaned before about having a weird bra size, so I pretty much have to try on a bra before buying. I tried this baby on and it fit like a glove, it was meant to be! I didn't think £36 was too expensive considering I was wandering around a lingerie department that had what could only be described by nipple covers for £190. So I'm pretty much in love with a piece of underwear!

Katie xx

Monday, 20 August 2012

Falling doesn't hurt, but landing does.

I'm backkk, unfortunately. We had am AMAZING time in LDN. It was 35 degrees while we were there, which was very much welcomed after the poor attempt of a summer that the North West is having. Despite it being really humid we managed to get around a lot more things than we originally planned, which was fab. Plus the stuff that we wanted to do like museums etc. can be done when it's rainy, so that means we HAVE to have another trip!

I won't bore you with all the details or a step by step itinerary of out visit, but I will share some photos with you.

Pimm's o'clock - Covent Garden//Amazing graffiti - Embankment//London Eye
//Swarovski Crystal M&M Coat - M&M World//M&M's - Hyde Park//
Soilders - Harrod's

We did so much considering we were only there two days, I really didn't want to come home! If you live in or around Manchester you really need to go to London on the train, it only takes 2 hours! It cost me a whole £35 return from Wigan, bargain! 

I'm already planning our next visit!

Katie xx


Sunday, 19 August 2012

In her shadow, is it me you see.

Ebay wants

Just a few wants I'm lusting after on Ebay. 
I've kinda cheated here - The scarf I just won, for a whole 50p!! I love the stripy look and it looks really big from the photos.
There are so many cute pieces of jewellery on Ebay, I would have ordered this, as it's only 99p, but I just ordered lots of bling yesterday, so I will wait a bit, before another splurge.
Lovely top, with cute detail.
How fab is this bag? I love maps, they fascinate me, I think I will ordering this ready for uni!
I'm currently bidding on this DVD, I've seen reviews and quotes from this film, but never seen it. It looks like one of those films you HAVE to see, even if it's rubbish.
Finally, Snow White - I think that is all that needs to be said!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, I am currently in London town, hopefully in the sun!

Katie xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Have my cake and eat it.

I've been up to some more baking that I thought I would share with you! Sorry if you don't like chocolate, but the majority of flourless cakes use cocoa. I really want to try making a polenta cake but that will have to wait for now.

Ingredients; 80g Butter//120g White Chocolate//3 Eggs//
150g Sugar//80g Cocoa 

Melt the butter and chocolate

Mix all the rest of the ingredients, then add the butter/choc mix

Whisk together the ingredients and add to a cake tin. (Don't forget to grease the tin, I did but thankfully it was a silicon one!) I used a 20cm tin.

Leave for in an 150 degree oven for 30 mins, and voila!

The cake doesn't rise too well, cos of the lack of flour. I'm considering using some baking powder next time.

Another easy peasy bake. And this is so yummy (I prefer it to the microwave cake cos it's much lighter and more cake-like!

Katie xx
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