Monday, 2 July 2012

Nothing's sweet about me.

Kind of a different post today, but I feel I need to share my love and passion for Popcorn with you all. I am literally ADDICTED to Popcorn, which isn't such a bad thing if it's home made and you know dust it with sugar or salt yourself. Probs is a bad thing if you sit and eat and entire tub of large cinema Popcorn (which of course I never do...).

Anywho a while back I discovered some AMAZING Popcorn in Home Bargains of all places, I only got one bag and was devastated when I went back and they didn't have anymore, and haven't since. I searched practically every Homey B's in the North West to be disappointed. After finally giving up I spotted the exact same pack in Greggs of all the places!

Yuummmmm!! I didn't think I liked salted Popcorn but apparently I do! This stuff is gorgeous, they do a few different flavours here, plus it is much better for you than snacking on crisps or biscuits, and you get a LOT in a bag. So if like me your a sucker for a snack give these babies ago. Oh they also sell them in Cafe Nero I think it is, but have a list of stockist on their website, or order online! Happy munching.

Katie xx


  1. My mum loves the sweet&salt mixed popcorn, I can only eat salty though! No sweet tooth here!

  2. I love popcorn too (I'd rather have it than crisps or anything like that!) and I agree... THIS IS THE BEST POPCORN IN THE WORLD:)xo

  3. I adore popcorn! I have never tried these but I'm 100% sure I would love them. Hahaha I love everything sweet and salty. :)xx

  4. I love popcorn too! I eat the salty one. I've actually never tried it with sugar before. It's not really common to eat it with something else than salt in my country. :)

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