Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lovely lace and beautiful bras.

I've just got in from a hectic day in Medowhall via Lincoln. Last night we drove the AWFUL drive to Lincoln to meet the hubby's Mum (long story, she doesn't live there..). I've only been to Lincoln once before to visit my friend who does live there, but we literally went out for a night out then I drove home early the next day. So my memory of Lincoln was cobbles and a pizza shop. However, I was really impressed, it's a lovely little city with lots of vintage and quirky shops!

I didn't pick up a great deal, but we did have a lovely walk around in the sunshine and I took lots of touristy photos that I won't bore you with. I did get this cute vintage lace jackety thing though for a mere £6!

I also went into a cute bead shop, that sold all sorts of jewellery making supplies, I got some stuff to make bracelets and earrings so I'm looking forward to showing you all my masterpieces!

We stopped off at Medowhall on the way back, mainly to break up the journey, but we hadn't been to Sheffield for a while so it was nice to have a look round. You'll have seen me having a moan on Twitter about my bra size, I have a small back so really struggle to buy bras for a reasonable price. I'm forever waiting for M&S's sale. But recently I saw a blogger raving about Boux Avenue, so when I spotted it in MedowHall I had to go in.

The shop is set out in such a cute way, it's really inviting and actually makes you want to shop in the store. They have drawers full of different sizes so if yours isn't on the hanger it could be in a drawer. I really enjoyed exploring, and enjoyed even more trying on, so I couldn't resist taking some pics of the fitting room, don't worry there are no explicit photos!

Look at the little buttons, you can choose what lighting you would like to try your underwear on in, so if the day light is to harsh switch to night or dusk! I was so impressed with their all round service and tweeted @bouxavenue to say thank you. If you have a Boux Avenue near you and haven't been in, have a nosey it's a lovely store and I garentee you'll want to buy something.

Lastly, they have gorgeous packaging and genuinely make you want to shop there again and again, the cashier also popped some scented rose petals in my bag too, so now my underwear drawer smells yummy!

Katie x

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  1. This shop looks amazing! I love good presentation/packaging it makes all the difference :)!

    Thank you for sharing, love your blog!


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