Friday, 27 July 2012

Let the cows live.

If I wasn't wanting to be a Nurse, I would most likely want to work in the fashion industry. My obsession with fashion mags, websites and blogs is unhealthy. I am constantly looking at other people when I'm out and about and checking out their OOTD. I am usually in awe of the style and individuality people have. Manchester is such a diverse city you can see all sorts of fashion just relaxing in Piccadilly gardens or wandering around the art gallery.

Vogue, Elle and Company are my go-to mags. I LOVE Companies High Street Edit which allows minions like me to find clothes that a right on trend without the HUGE designer price tag. I picked up this months (Aug 12) Vogue today, to find their future trends mag attached. I just casually flicked through and saw some fab up and coming trends but a few that slightly worried me. Leather and fur.

You know I'm veggie and strive to be as animal-friendly as possible. The idea of wearing a dead animal on my back really freaks me out. I can understand the leather thing to a certain extent, although I would never purchase a real leather jacket and prefer it's younger sister Pleather (plastic leather), I can see why people buy them. Leather is a long lasting, durable material, but at the end of the day all I can hear when I see a leather item is 'Moo'. I have a major love for Cows and their huge eyes, I totally wish you could keep them as pets.

The major thing that worries me is fur. I have never and will never condone the use of fur to make anything, fashion or no fashion, it's just not right. Faux fur - I'm all for faux fur, but never the real deal. I just can't understand why fur is still thought of as such a luxury product, what part of wearing an innocent animals skin is luxury? My fear is fur is coming back, with a vengeance. I noticed it creeping back onto the highstreet last Winter, fur coats were the in 'thing' but by the look of Vogue's fashion forecasting it looks to be coming back bigger and badder than ever before. I just hope that those wanting to buy real fur, take a millisecond just to consider what innocent animal has suffered just for their vanity.

Rant over.

Image from Google images

I would love to hear your opinion on this.

Katie xx

*This entire post is just MY OPINION, I hope I have not offended anyone by publishing this post, and if I have I appologise for this*

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  1. Hey i'm a new follower! :D I absolutely 100% agree with you on fur! People are so ignorant when it comes to fur, i have no idea where they think it comes from as how they can live with knowing what an animal has actually been through to produce a fur coat for example is completely unbearable to me!

    Great post!!! :D

    Jen xxx


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