Saturday, 21 July 2012


Today was the day. Forever 21 FINALLY came to Manchester. I've been so excited about this since they put the advert up in the Trafford Centre about 2 months ago, I've been looking out to see when they put their opening date up. And of course they opened on the 21st of July.

I didn't go down first thing, cos for one it was sunny and I wanted to make the most of the day and two it was probably manic. It was pretty busy when I got there about 2ish. I've never bought anything from Forever 21 before, you know I have a thing about paying P&P and as I didn't know their sizes I couldn't be bothered with the whole returns faff on. So I waited patiently for the shop to come to me. And man I wasn't disappointed. For those who have never bought anything from the website or in store, it's kinda H&M price range I would say, but a bit more high quality?! I got some fab things, which of course I am going to show you. I also got a free £5 voucher for spending over £40. I actually spent £40.85.

Yes I am one of those sad people who takes photos of shops.. I really wanted to get a pic of inside, but I thought whipping my massive camera out wouldn't have been too discreet. I LOVE they black lace-esk tee, it's so flattering on too. I'm trying to develop a uni wardrobe, by the time my ASOS stuff arrives I think I'll be nearly complete!

Katie xx

P.S check out my Ebay just getting rid of a few things inc Marni for H&M tee and a Vintage beaded top!


  1. Aaaah! I'm so excited to go!!
    I've been excited since the posters went in the Trafford Centre!
    You got some lovely things! :)

    Natasha Carly x

  2. I love forever 21 - I got chance to shop in their Oxford St store a couple of times, now there's one right at the end of our street in a huge mall. I love their ranges - they have so many things out at once!

  3. Oh my god i didn't know this was open! Yaaay :)
    I walked past it only the other day moaning to my boyfriend that i wanted it to open so i could have a good mooch! can't wait to get my bum down there. Great post.


  4. great Haul ♡ ,love Forever 21 :)


  5. I heard this on wish fm and was like ooooo! I have a big thing about paying p&p I mean come on we're ordering your clothes! :)

    I must take a trip here ASAP

  6. No wayyyy, deffo gonna have to go on a shopping trip!

  7. I really love your sense of style! the sunflower top and lace tee are stunning. Super pretty! i would happily have them in my own wardrobe :)

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  9. Ahhh you're so lucky! We don't have Forever 21 in Australia, so when my family and I go to America at the end of the year, I'm going to be spending a fair bit of money in that wonderful shop! :D
    - Rhiannon

  10. I love forever 21, how exciting you now have it up north! X


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