Sunday, 22 July 2012

I keep my heart protected, far away from my sleeve.

I think I actually remember the episode of Dragon's Den where the Tangle Teezer was first introduced to us. There was a period where it wasn't around, then suddenly the Tangle Teezer was everywhere. From hair salons to drug stores, but up until now I hadn't got my hands on one.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair I love the colour of it (at the moment) but hate how it breaks so easily. My bleach blonde days were not kind to my locks! It's slowly getting back to a healthy condition, through lots and lots of hair masks and less heat. I know it's a big no-no using a brush on wet hair but I have a terrible habit of loosing combs, so this ha certainly not helped with the condition of my hair either! So last week I FINALLY managed to get myself a Tangle Teezer, to sort my barnet out!

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen one of these babies before, I won't bore you with explaining how they work cos it's self-explanatory. But look its orange!!! Anywho, I ordered it offline and got it for a pretty decent price, £7.96 with free P&P from here, the RRP is around £10-£12 so I thought this was quite a good deal! The company I bought it off were really good too, and I received my purchase within two days.

Why I love the TT - It's so easy to use, it's compact, a pretty colour. It's also very comfy in your hand. I have noticed a lot less breakage in my hair to, my hair brush is covered in hair, but I've used this several times now and there isn't a hair on it. I've used it on both wet and dry hair and it's worked really well with both, its doesn't hank on knots in your hair but cuts through them and keeps your hair tangle free!

Something I don't love so much - It NEEDS a cover to protect the bristles, you can buy ones with the protective cover but I didn't stretch my budget that far. The only other thing is, I've had to use my hairbrush just to get my partain (dunno how to spell) straight.  But other than that, this is a fab purchase.

I can't wait till my hair gets to the annoying length where it knots in the same place ALL the time, I think this is when the TT will come into it's own. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone that has problem hair like mine, or even for those that find it difficult to control. It is extremely good at resolving knotty hair and makes brushing wet hair a walk in the park.

Katie xx


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  2. This sounds great! I think I'll have to try this when I have some money as I'm so bad for brushing my hair when it's wet or just ripping the brush through nasty knots when dry!

  3. thank you so much for this review it was really helpful. i have such problems with the breakage of my hair and somebody recommended buying it before but i just couldn't see how it would actually work!

    i'm definitely going to have a look on ebay as soon as i get home and purchase one of these :)


  4. I'm definitely going to have to purchase one of these now, especially for when I go on holiday and get tangled/frizzy beach hair! xx


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