Monday, 16 July 2012

I don't know how I can do without.

Time to bore you all with slushyness. I have had such a fab weekend, I'm pretty gutted Jonathan is at work today. But hey ho, I'm not back till Friday so I can enjoy some me time!

We decided to celebrate our anniversary properly on Saturday, so it wasn't a school night and we weren't thinking one of us needed to be up the next day. We booked a table at Red Hot World Buffet about a month ago, neither of us had been before and we were so excited (I know we are sad), we'd also booked a hotel at Salford Quays to make the night a bit more special. And so I could go on a tram.. We spent the day at Duham Massey, a country house and gardens in Altrincham, I got so excited cos the deer are just roaming around not flustered by people at all, so I got lots of Bambi pictures.

We enjoyed a few cocktails before buffet time, now seriously if you have never been to this buffet place you MUST go, there is on in Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester and some other places I can't remember. You literally have the choice of whichever cuisine takes your fancy -  Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Tex Mex, and the desert selection was AMAZING. I ate far too much and was naughty and didn't stick to my Gluten-free diet (but it was a special occasion, and I did pay for it yesterday).

Then we had a pretty chilled day yesterday, we popped to Cheshire Oaks to try find some bargains, we were pretty disappointed with the selection though, I think we were maybe a little too late for the sales. Then we came home and CHILLED, which was very much needed.

Me and Bambi//Look at the size of that bed!!//Tram//
My KG's made an appearance//Mr and Mrs//
One of my 'Paper Wedding Anniversary' presents//Our Cards <3

I hope your all cheesed out now!

Katie xx


  1. That bed is huuuge! haha (: I've never been to a Red Hot Buffet but my foody lover friend has and said it was amazing! It sounds it (: x

  2. The food place sounds amazing, I wish we had something like that here in Vienna :D Those shoes look like they will rock a party soon!

  3. Love the shoes, kurt geiger right? my mum bought them and she refuses to let me borrow them :(



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