Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Horsing Around.

Today the donkeys came to work! I was literally too excited when I found out. The donkeys were from the Elisabeth Svendsen Trust in Manchester, which works with disabled children and other members of the community,the donkeys are use promote sensory activities, help with balance and to give riding therepy. If you want to find out more, their website is here, they have centres around the UK.

Aren't they the cutest?! You can adopt a donkey via the EST website for £16 a year or buy gifts/make a donation to the charity.

Katie xx


  1. Ohhh they are adorable! Im so envious! I work with autistic kids and we did a similar thing (but with ponies) and they loved it! I love causes like this :D

  2. They did that in York once, or at least a charity claiming they did standing outside Boots on a boiling hot day - felt so sorry for the poor animals. This looks certainly far better!


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